Cup of Nakedness

Cup of Nakedness

Cup of Nakedness

Cup of Nakedness: It’s not about men being intimidated by successful women. Everything mustn’t revolve around women. Let’s not make this a gender issue. We women have the tendency to feel like we don’t need a man once we’ve got money. Maybe we need them, in bed, of course. When a woman has money, a man had better be careful. It’s so easy for us to “become” the “Man” and grab the reins of control and “dominance” from them.

We all know that women and power never go well. We have the tendency to misuse it. Don’t try to be sentimental about this. You know it’s true. Don’t give me that look. Women in power… oh damn. You gotta hold your heart in your hands boy.

On the other hand, we also have the ability to be loyal to our man while still being an Alpha female. As long as there is no reversal of roles, as long as we women know that the man will always be the man and we accord them their due respect. I’ve seen women in power that didn’t flop, only a very selected FEW. I’m not saying that men aren’t prone to failure. Please quote me right. Women are emotional creatures. Our emotions come first before logical decisions. Being in power for us is like gulping down a full bottle of Hennessy and trying to maintain balance afterwards. Many would fall without one successful step forward.

Please don’t call me a feminist. I refuse to be addressed as one. I think we all don’t even understand that word, especially today’s females. Walking around with dependent shoulders, talking about female empowerment while black taxing every male in your sphere. Look around you. The feminists you look up to have husbands, supportive husbands that they also “depend” on, you dummy.
Stop walking around thinking you don’t need a man. God didn’t create you singularly. He’s not stupid. We complete each other and that’s the whole essence. Everyone is a TOTAL HALF – Deny it all you want. You are complete in yourself but you’re not also. So my dear woman, that man might just be plain afraid. It might have NOTHING to do with him being jealous or intimidated of your success.
Written by Pinklady Ohakah


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