Love And Big Dogs

Love And Big Dogs

Love And Big Dogs

Love And Big Dogs: It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, and I decided to pay my girlfriend a visit. The last time we saw each other was 2 weeks prior and I already missed her silly-ass so much. On getting to her abode, she was extremely excited to see me as I her. Two hours into the visit she stepped out to bring in her dry laundry and everything went south from then on.

“How can I be scared of dogs & you’ll be scared of dogs?,” this statement was the funniest thing I heard today. And the look on her face when she said it; ‘PRICELESS!!!’

For Heaven’s sake, everyone has phobias; male and female alike, and most phobias are a result of past experiences. Ladies please why do you think men are some indestructible machines, probably from Krypton or Mars? You expect us to jump into danger the way you jump into conclusions, sweedy! we love our lives just as much as you love yours.

It is very funny how you expect us to protect you in the face of danger but are quick to combat us in verbal judo when things ain’t going your way. Come on! If you expect me to be your Superman and probably lose my life in the process then I believe it’s high time you started showing some atom of respect for us and restraint when your foul mouth decides to self-activate.

I am scared of big dogs – I have encountered them in the past and it scarred me for life. I can stand a dog walking on the streets but to go meet one at the dog’s or bitches’ carban? Not even the second coming of Christ can make me do it. I’m a Pacifist folks and fight to stay out of violence so please don’t take it the wrong way dear when you asked me to be your Superman and I bailed, there’s a reason to everything.

P.S: na only sorry you go tell me when dem don maul me finish oh!!! Lol!

A day that began with utmost anticipation to see the love of my life ended in a tragic shut-down because of over-expectation and gender bias. I don’t see gender or color, I only sight people.


Written by Professor Khocee Wilson-Ejikeme


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