Small Chops

Small Chops

Small Chops

Small Chops: My reflection was staring right back at me, strongly, with a livid lava, burning and searing through me like hot knife through butter. I wasn’t ready for this. How the hell did I let this happen?

Good lord!

Someone flushed the toilet, jolting me back to the present. I was in the ladies room. What to do?

I quickly switched on the tap and put my fingers under, letting the warm rush of water soothe them. The woman exited the toilet stall, came over to the next basin to mine and switched on the tap too. I peeked at her from the corner of my eyes.

Her perfume was rich and masculine. Her wristwatch oozed wealth. You’d know it wasn’t even bought on impulse. Classy woman. No ring? Hmm… She wore a red gown which accentuated her hips and cleavage. I didn’t know if she noticed me but I saw a smile escape her lips and I blushed away, back to my reality. I switched off the tap and made to leave.

“Hey, you forgot your purse”

I heard behind me. I turned. She was holding it out for me with an impeccable smile on display.

“Thanks” I muttered.

As I turned to leave again, she brushed my fingers…

“Call me” she mouthed.

It was then I suddenly noticed she had attached her card to the side of my purse. I nodded unconsciously and walked out…

The place was packed full. Different tables, different people, everyone was conversing and eating. My eyes skimmed through the thick fog of faces, only to see someone waving at me. It was Felicia. Felly for short. I waved back and made my way to our table.

I was fighting a battle in my head with each step I took towards her. What would I dare say? How could I even explain?
He just had to ruin every thing!
When she told me she wanted us to hang out, it seemed like fun till ten minutes into the chilling, I met the shock of the day. Her father!
Ahhh. I wanted the ground to swallow me!
Felly didn’t tell me she was bringing the man I shagged last night to lunch!
I shagged Mr Bryan but would you blame me? I had no idea he was a married man! Talk more of being the father to my friend.
This was a total disaster!
He smiled and shook my hand, soft and supple like he wasn’t moaning my name in the throes of pure lust and passion last night. Felicia was beaming as she introduced me to him. Oh, you poor ignorant baby…
He took the seat beside me, intentionally I guess and smiled. I was choking.
Heyyy God o. I needed air. The atmosphere had suddenly changed. Where did all the oxygen go?

“Are you okay?”

He turned to ask me. How dare he?! Like he didn’t know.

“You look flushed” he continued.

Felicia turned to my direction with a look of sudden concern. I shifted uneasily in my seat. Heat pooled inside my thighs and under my armpits.

“I’m fine. I just need to use the restroom. I’ll be back”

I stood up, grabbed my purse and wobbled out. I knew the bastard was grinning. Damn it!

I pulled out my chair and sat back. I was counting to 10 in my head, with my mental therapist telling me to take deep breaths.

“Are you okay?” Felicia asked, her eyes prying into mine.

I wasn’t ready to answer yet. My eyes were fixed on him. He was on a call. The way his sultry lips moved played out in slow motion to me. Like time froze…
His eyes, glinting, hazel. His perfectly sculptured cheek bones. His well trimmed beards with singular strands of grey in them. I was mesmerized.


I snapped out of the day dream and turned towards Felicia. She was tugging at my hands under the table. I forced a smile out of my crimson face and stuttered what seemed like a response. She wasn’t sure but she looked away.

“So, Gina right?”

Mr Bryan started after the call had ended. He was poking at his salad without looking at me.

“Tell me, what exactly do you do for a living?”

I coughed. The question threw me off balance. My rice journeyed the wrong path. I grabbed Felly’s glass of juice and gulped it down immediately. She was holding me and rubbing my back, gently tapping in between.

“I’m okay,” I told her after I had caught my runaway breath.

He didn’t mutter a single sorry.
Why would he? The question was intentional. I pushed the food aside and blamed it for the choking incident.
I looked at him squarely. Nigga thinks he can make me uncomfortable. Well, let’s see…

“I’m a cosmetic sales influencer. I model and teach dance to kids by the side.” I responded.

Felicia nodded and followed up.

“Yes. She’s really great with these kids. You need to see her at it. She’s amazing”

He threw in a fork full of salad into his mouth.

“Is that what gives you your income? How much do you earn a month?” He continued.


Felicia raised an eye at him. He deflated it.

“Honey, it’s a harmless question. Relax”

It was my turn.

“No, I would describe myself as an entrepreneur. I provide services that people pay for. I earn enough money to live comfortably” I defended.

He nodded and smiled. I was watching him closely. He continued eating.
Kai. Now he was being a complete hypocrite!
Approximately 12 hours ago, he was Christian Grey-ing me, spraying wads of cash on my ass while I twerked to Cardi B’s Money, moaning my name as I….
Thunder fire you Sir! Married man my foot. Who deceived who here? How dare he ask me how I make my money? He was exactly spending his in the most modest way. Now he was trying to guilt trip me. Me?! I was going to turn the tables around now.

“So Mr Naeto” I started.

He looked up at me.

“Call me Bryan” he inserted.

“I would rather not Sir. I prefer Mr Naeto, if you don’t mind” I continued.


“So, what do you do for a living?” I asked.

He was quick to answer.

“I’m into real estate and properties.”

I pretended to be surprised.

“Ohh, that must be a very lucrative job, stressful too”

“You can say that again” he responded.

“So, how much do you earn monthly and how do you cope with the stress?” I poked.

He realized what I was doing, maybe…I think.

“Enough to take care of my family. They mean the world to me”

You didn’t think of it when you purposely omitted that you had one! Screw you!

“That’s sweet. So what do you do to unwind?”

“A lot. I play squash every weekend. I hang out with friends. I travel. I meet people…”

“You like meeting people?” I had seen a loophole.

“Yes. I like to make acquaintances. Business thrives on connections” he smartly replied.

“So, what exactly are you in town for?” I pushed further.

“Business…” He curtly replied.

“No pleasure?”

“I don’t mix both” he lied.

“Ohhh. I can swear I saw you at The Millennium Hotel last night. But who knows…it could’ve been anyone that looks like you right?”

I had pricked a vein. He looked at me, his eyes were transmitting literal stabs. Then to his daughter who had stopped eating and was watching the drama unfold. He tried to smile but failed.

“The…the.. what?… Millenium Hotel? Where’s that located?” He stammered.

I didn’t answer.

“What am I missing here? Have you guys met somewhere before?” Felicia asked, surprised and inquisitive.

“Actually, No. I met someone at The Millennium Hotel last night and he looked almost exactly like your father here. I just had to ask. No harm intended.” I responded.

She looked at her father who was staring straight back at me. I was beaming inside of me like a jelly fish.

Two could play this game too Sir.

Written by Pinklady Ohakah


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