So, I had this guy I was with who would bang anything in a skirt. I’m telling you that if a rat passed him in miniskirts, he’s fucking. If a female Anopheles mosquito showed up in lingerie, he’s effing banging! And the man had the AUDACITY to start playing victim every single time. Chai! Chisos, I don suffer ooo, sha e no fit happen again. Affliction shall not rise a second-time biko.

The reason I remembered this was because of a movie I saw some years ago. The name of that movie was “DRY.” I do...IT WOULD GIVE ANYONE THE ICKS! not know if anyone else here has seen it, but I highly recommend it. It talks about the girl-child. All the complications that come with early marriage, the trauma, and the rest on the list that just goes on.

I thought about the movie because I remembered another documentary, I had seen on Facebook about an incident that took place long ago in Calabar, where a Chief married a girl of, I think eight years old (if I’m not mistaken), she got pregnant, bore him a girl at that same age or so (how horrifying) and when that newborn baby came of age too, the said Chief also laid with her too. His child and she bore him a child too.

Now if that is not horror upon horror upon horror, I don’t know what it is.

He made his youngest wife a grandmother at eighteen or was it nineteen? Things like this give me the ICKS!!! I mean it would give anyone the ICKS!!!

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! (puke emoji)

I wasn’t just sitting down and having these thoughts run through my head oh. My roommate read out some news headline on her phone about a country where I guess it’s legal for fathers to marry their daughters and a round of thoughts came bursting through my head. So yeah, that’s it. Please do your research though, I might have mixed up some teeny tiny info so… Yeah bye!



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