A Cozy Night

A Cozy Night

This is one of those nights when you want to cuddle up with her and doze off to the sound of “Coldplay’s Higher Power” on repeat. A cozy night. Your nose is in her hair, and you can hardly breathe, but you don’t care because nothing matters. So you just lay there, your AirPods‘ are playing “Coldplay’s Humankind,” and you’re still lost in the bliss you start to feel. That cold feeling! That cold, wet feeling! It gets stronger and stronger.

I thought they said blood is warm,” you think to yourself.

You open your eyes. You actually can’t sleep. You love her, but now she can’t love you back.

You stand up from the cold embrace and back away from the bed very slowly, one heel after the other, stamping its presence on the ground behind you till you reach the mirror.

You’re smiling. Oh! That’s why you’re smiling. Your AirPods’ have switched to “Ogechukwu by Buju & The Cavemen.” You do a little shake-your-flat-booty-from-left-to-right dance and stop almost immediately. Looking into the mirror, the smile is still there. You look at her in the mirror and shrug your shoulders. She seems very peaceful.

Why do people then bother saying rest in peace? I bet they all look like this,” you say out loud. “Oh well, gotta wash off and head out. He will soon be home.”

Written by Khocee Wilson-Ejikeme


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