GOD: The Divine Paradox

GOD: The Divine Paradox


I am going to say a lot of things here that would not sit well with a lot of people especially practicing Christians; I was born and raised a catholic but I am not a Christian. I believe in the almighty God and my religion is love. I am saying these things from the point of view of someone who has undertaken some spiritual journey.

Our identity as a people has been so watered down and lost that we no longer understand or know who we are. Our spirituality which is the heartbeat of a people has been stolen from us and we have been left with this mortal version of God that doesn’t exist which is why your parents spent their days in churches and you are doing the same now with no results in sight.

God is not a man who says things and it doesn’t come to pass whatever He says that’s what He will do.

You keep asking yourself why God doesn’t interfere in every single dispute or issue you encounter in life; you forget that God has given you a choice which means that for Him to be a Just God He doesn’t have to interfere in your decisions.

We do not see the whole board but He knows a lot of the issues we face today as humans are issues that we can fix by making better choices or refusing to accept the bare minimum but we would rather spend our time jumping from church to church or from prophet to pastor looking for a non-existent solution.

We sometimes spend our time-fighting weapons fashioned against us when truly we are the weapons fashioned against ourselves, you see people cry over bad leadership but go to that little fellowship he/she attends and ask him/her to be held accountable and hear them quote different bible verses to tell you why you shouldn’t question God’s prophet.


They make you believe you worship a God that tells you to suffer yet the pastor and his family no dey suffer, even the bible is filled with promises of prosperity for those who believe and worship God.

They tell you the love of money is the root of all evils yet Bibles are sold and offerings also require money, who is fooling who?

Men of God tell their congregation that protection only comes from God but have more security details than some politicians abi God no protect again??

Vanity upon vanity they told us, but they are buying private jets, houses, gold watches, and good shoes. You should trust in God and know that all these things are vanity.

They keep preparing you for salvation but they don’t play with their offerings and tithes. I thought those were vanity or am I missing something?

You don’t know where your problems are steaming; they don’t know either and don’t care to know. Every weekend they will call you to come and pray in church for hours and after that, you go donate money for a church project.

You spend your life, working and donating to the church, just one problem and you go to the church you will be made to understand that a lot of church programs are ongoing.

I am not perfect, not claiming to know it all or have all the answers, I don’t know where you are reading from; my point is simple, break away from that opium of the masses, use your head make religion no finish us for this country.




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