A Movement for Hypocrisy and Awareness or A Movement for Justice?

I have always wanted to keep to myself amidst this whole saga but I realize now that keeping mute only gives fake people, hypocrites and click-baits more time and ground to spread and formulate any kind of information and share it with the crowd meanwhile diluting the truth and keeping it further away from the public.

Please don’t get me wrong I am not saying I know the truth but I am only asking that logic and common sense should be applied in our chase for the truth. He died under questionable consequences and who are the chief suspects in this kind of case; the wife, the friends, the parents in that order, yes? We all agree.

But guess what my people are accusing the father of the victim in the same vein as they are attacking the friends of the victim, the only evidence being the way he was buried, my question to these attackers is this,

“How would you feel as a poor man above 50 years and they brought your bread-winning son home? Would you rather allow him to rest or keep him above ground and watch him every day as you fight for justice? Would you even have enough left in your tank to fight enemies, your son who had more resources couldn’t fight? Could it be that the father has gotten to that stage where all you can do is swallow your losses and pray to God for vengeance?”

We could quickly attack his father for the wrong words said on the camera but never saw anything wrong with his wife’s refusal and silence over the DNA issue, we could quickly call out Wizkid for not posting about Mohbad, knowing fully well he recently lost his mum. We can quickly attack our friends and hound them to unfollow Naira Marley and Marlian Music yet we protect the wife when asked in the same vein of justice to provide the child for a test. This is funny.

Some of us have gone as far as believing he was buried alive and the father was aware, I mean if you can believe a father can bury his son alive why then is it hard for you to believe the possibility his wife can have a son with another man?

When asked, they said we are not family, so we cannot ask for DNA, but my people we can stand and gather in our thousands in different states to ask for Justice for Imole!

Are we only good to be foot soldiers?

Are we only good to be called upon and used when needed??

The public is asking for justice; they have the right to ask any question in the pursuit of justice. Justice is not a sentimental being nor an emotional one, if we must seek justice, we must drop all emotions and sentiments.

Ask questions that need to be answered.





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