AT 25

AT 25

AT 25

AT 25: Today WE decided to share this lovely poetry with you. It was written by a dear friend and sister, Nwafor-Orizu Nnenna Blossom Esq.

At 25

25 came so early

Without my merry wishes

Without my favorite hamper baskets whose wooden handle is designed in colored ribbons

With a lot of heartbreaks

Mouthwatering temptations here and there

Too many distractions

Limitless problems with limited solution


At 25

I hide under the shelter of my mother’s wings

I feed daily from mama’s kitchen

I still rely on mama for my big needs

I owe mother a lot of money

Yet I never stop to borrow from mother

With the promise of paying back in the future

But the future is yet to come

What could be keeping her?


At 25

I am an independent lady finding her feet

I am unmarried and

Unbothered about my love life

I am an ardent crusader of “living in the moment”

Because regardless of it all

This life will go on

It’s been a long time coming

Destiny they say is an impartial god.


At 25

I’m already on my second ride

Living out my aspirations

Worried about nothing

Focused on my career path

With the future right in my hands

Ready to take a bow

Because I have paid my dues

But guess what

It’s all in the mirage of my dreams

Alas I’m still asleep

Please do not wake me up

Let me drown in the wealth of my thoughts.


At 25

Here I am

Still standing strong

The job will come

Hustle go pay

Love will happen

I’m gonna live my best because I’m just beginning my journey.

So at 25 I’m not late,

I’m barely waiting on my train

Slowly but surely.



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