Voltage Wears Set to Open its First Store in Awka

Voltage Wears Set to Open its First Store in Awka

One of life’s basic needs is clothing. Also, one of the best ways to achieve greatness in our present life is by wearing good clothes.

Today, WE bring you Voltage Wears, the latest fashion store in the Southeast, opening its first store in the renowned city of Awka, Anambra State. They are dealers in Male wear – all and everything that concerns male wear and jalabai, shoes, wristwatches, belts, and even perfumes.

Voltage Wears Set to Open its First Store in Awka

Located at Shop 48, Esther Osonwa Plaza, along Arthur Eze avenue, opposite St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Voltage Wears has been slated to open on December 2nd, 2022.

In a short chat with the owner of this beautiful new brand Mr. Francis Emeh (S.O.G.), WE asked why he delved into this particular kind of business and he said,

“I went into this biz because I am an avid shopper and I have gone through my city of Awka and realized how expensive these clothes can be when I know they can be sold for better prices. I decided to move into the business in service to humanity and in service to my people in Awka.

The jalabai king of the south was just a joke, it started as a joke. So when I was in Abuja, I bought some jalabais for myself and my friends. Then I decided to make a funny video clip of myself hawking these jalabais. Lol, I started getting orders. Sold over 20 pieces that day. I realized the possibility of a business venture in the offing. So I went into it. Basically, that too aided in pushing me to the male wears.”

Get your money ready because, on the 2nd of the final month of this year 2022, VOLTAGE WEARS – the Jalabai King of the South, will be kicking off its sales for your affordable and amazing male wears.

Come one, come all – male or female and let’s shop together ☺


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