Hugo Record Label

Hugo Record Label

Hugo Record Label

Every successful record label has a tell; 5 tells really, and “what are they?” you may ask

  • Credibility
  • Notable
  • Professional
  • Business Savvy
  • Diverse

And this is how WE will introduce you to Hugo Record Label;


There is bad business without trust. This is why you should look out for a record label run by professionals.

Professionals run Hugo Record label across different industries, and you will learn about them as you read. But why trust Hugo Record label? At Hugo Record Label, every artiste is signed because they are a unique talent and need a fitting media team.

Hugo Records puts millions of naira towards music distribution and music marketing. They were recently awarded “The Fastest Rising Record Label” in Enugu.


A notable record label is familiar and identifiable. Artists are often misled by unknown labels that show up overnight.

Hugo’s record label is not just notable, it is widely known. With various branches in Enugu and Lagos, this label has collaborations with industry events like the Twin Parrot Golden Time Comedy Concert, and Playoff Festival Lagos.


Introducing the elite staff at Hugo Record Label. Trained and experienced, these individuals are the inner cogs of a smooth-running machine. Hugo Record Label has:

  • Hugo Record Label Manager
  • Legal Personnel
  • Sound Engineers
  • Producers
  • Hugo Record Logistics Manager
  • Songwriters
  • Security Personnel

The record label has a duplex base with state-of-the-art recording equipment in Lekki and Golf Estate, Lagos, and Enugu respectively. The brand works with young vibrant talents and is always scouting for artists, producers, and songwriters.

The label also has standby vehicles with security personnel for all movement.


A record label is a business, and Hugo Records is run by a top businessman; Mr. Okpala Ugonna Emmanuel, alias Hugo, the master of what makes a business tick.

Hugo spent years in entrepreneurship and business, creating wealth and learning the secrets of wealth creation.

Hugo Record Label is the brainchild of Mr. Okpala Ugonna Emmanuel and he runs his business with the skill of a well-trained swordsman: precise, confident, and diligent.


Successful record labels set the pace for cultural icons. The only way to be a cultural icon is to go through different parts of the industry.

A great example is Hugo Record Label, which works with video promotion, sound recording, vocal talent, and media marketing. This record label has the diversity needed to maintain balance and reach for success.

You can reach the label on its social media handles:
@okpala_hugo and or @hugo.records on various platforms.


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