Let’s PLAYOFF Again

Let's PLAYOFF Again

Let’s PLAYOFF Again

The 4th edition of the fun-filled holiday event, PLAYOFF FESTIVAL is upon us again, and this time it has been themed “RHYTHM OF MUSIC & COLOURS.” It is slated to take place on December 26th at 12 noon at King’s College Annex, VI – Lagos. The access tickets cost 2000 and are available at afrisplug.com.Let's PLAYOFF Again

PLAYOFF is an event that enables youths to come together, discuss and showcase their talent while having fun. The strategic ideal designed for this event bears its platform as a FUN FAIR PROGRAMME for the youth (music, games, sales, dance, food, drinks, art, and raffle draw). It is a project born out of love for differences in entertainment and is geared towards promoting team spirit, and the passion for integration amongst youths and the nation at large.

Having conquered three previous editions back to back;

  • Mainland Experience,
  • Climax Effect, and
  • Electronic Forest

The previous editions saw the likes of Buju, Victony, and Magixx perform in front of vibrant and colorful youth crowds.

Let's PLAYOFF Again

MAINLAND EXPERIENCE: This was the first theme of the event which was held on December 26th, 2019 at Rowe Park in Yaba. The event recorded over 1,500 attendance. The first edition of the event was about connecting youths together; it was fun with lots of festival experiences like Games, vendors, pop-up sales, trade fair experience, dance, and music.

We made this possible with our strategy of publicity also inviting youths influencers who are well known by the youths to connect with them before and during the event. This is because it’s always the youth for the youth. They all enjoyed the festival which started around 10 am and closed at 10 pm.

PLAYOFF Fc called it a Party, not a Concert.

Let's PLAYOFF AgainLet's PLAYOFF Again

Let's PLAYOFF Again

CLIMAX EFFECT: The second edition of the event was designed around the theme (climax effect) an experience that got over 3,560 youths together in front of one stage, one sound 10 DJs raving with the slogan THE MUSIC NEVER END. This event was also held at Rowe Park, Yaba.Let's PLAYOFF Again

Don’t feel less, the PARTY ANIMALs PLAYOFF Fc made a park look like a stadium. We didn’t just bring in numbers together lots of festival activities went down together with the music. The festival attendees play games around the park, vendors with their pop-up Sales, face painting, video games, etc. All these activities took place during the day.

From exactly 5:30 pm to 10 pm, the festival became a music concert with so much fun thousands of people raving and dancing to one stage, one sound as I said. Upcoming youth artists also gave the crowd amazing performances the event organizers also got a lot of youth influencers to make the environment look fun.

December 26th, 2020 was magic as we brought in thousands of youth to a park and we all raved together.

ELECTRONIC FOREST: The festival became a regular tradition because of its past success we much believe in the community we have built over the year so on this edition we so far to call it ELECTRONIC FOREST – an EDM with a slick of Amapaino Effect. Music creative disc jockeys who are inclined toward electronic music were invited to the experience to the next level. We all experienced crazy!!!

The PLAYOFF 3rd edition was held at The Stable, Surulere on December 26th, 2021 with an attendance of over 4,000 people.

Let's PLAYOFF Again

Let's PLAYOFF Again

Let's PLAYOFF Again

N.B: PLAYOFF FESTIVAL is the brainchild of Team X-Nation — a group of entertainment enthusiasts, and they have been pulling this feat off with zero brand sponsors from inception.


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