Ụtọ by Viya is Plus One

Ụtọ by Viya is Plus One

Ụtọ by Viya is Plus One

Happy birthday to one of the fastest-growing fruit snacks in the Nigerian Food Market. Many more years to you.

Ụtọ by Viya

The goal of Ụtọ by Viya is to become the dominant force in the African food sector.

Ụtọ by Viya is Plus One

It was established on May 17, 2022, by Nigerian artist and entrepreneur Chidinma Emmanuella Iwuh, out of a desire to satiate snacking cravings. The company made the decision to make fruit-based, wholesome snacks and beverages to improve snackers’ quality of life and support Nigerian fruit farmers.

Their Pineapple and Ginger Juice was recently introduced & launched today being their one-year anniversary, and they currently manufacture dried pineapple treats.

Ụtọ by Viya is Plus One

In their first year, Ụtọ by Viya sold 1000 packs, and they plan to increase production to make additional packs and quadruple their sales.

They are listed with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council and the CAC. Soon, they intend to export their goods to other nations.

During a brief sit-down with the founder, she shared a tip for aspiring business owners,

“I’d say to be really committed to any Entrepreneurship venture, Value and Quality should be your primary focus.”

When asked why pineapple, Chidinma responded,

“The unique and vast health benefits pineapples offer. We intend to introduce more fruits into the market but we want to focus on one thing at a time till it crystallizes.”

Ụtọ by Viya is Plus One

To reach out to Ụtọ by Viya, and purchase their products, you can get them on Instagram @uto_by_viya and call or WhatsApp – 08185236112.

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