Bube Albert’s NAKED

Bube Albert's NAKED

Bube Albert’s NAKED

I lay here naked,

So bare for the world to see.

A faceless woman in a man’s world searching for the true meaning of freedom and living.


A naked body on display, laid out like a served dish,

To be eaten like a sweet peach ripped from her warm, sun-kissed skin.


This nakedness,

An image of what the world has made.

A faceless figure without a name or emotions.

Just naked, uncovered unto the world like a new baby fresh from its mother’s womb.

Uncertain about pain or the realities of life.

Skin smooth and pleasing to the eyes just like milk.



Desired from afar

Gazed at, through the windows of our shame

Locked up by our guilt

Never snared upon by our imperfections.



Pictured like a perfect frame

Like a beautiful flower that blooms in the day

Yet to be embraced.


Bloomed from the sun and the wind of love

This body bore kings and Queens

I look in awe, in the naked feel of who I am and what I can be.

It reminds me that, I am a mother, your sister, your friend, and your one true love.


I am that woman,

All my pains and imperfections made me who I am

My nakedness no longer holds me

I am no longer bound by shame

A faceless woman in this world of men.

Hated, abused, violated, desired, loved, valued, and adored.


My soul like a diamond shine on top of the mountains, untouched by human hands

This is me, bare and unclothed

What more is there to see when you’ve seen me naked?

Love me or hate me, this is me.



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