Jennifer slowly withdrew from the dressing table, staggering backward towards her bed and to the window. As she was about to turn around, an arm locked around her neck, she began to struggle for breath and then came the sharp, chilling voice she had always heard since she was seven. The voice that made her parents think she was crazy, the voice that almost got her admitted to an asylum. That voice was back and said to her,

“You can never escape me. I am you; you are me and there’s nothing and no one that could change that. You were made to suffer and I’m to make sure it happens; you’ll never escape me no matter where you go or who you become”. Jennifer was still struggling blindly, the grip on her neck grew tighter and the voice came again “oh dear, do not struggle, do not be scared, I’m always going to be here for you, I’ll never leave your side.”

A mocking laughter followed and the voice began to fade and so did the grip on her neck. She turned around sharply in the direction the voice faded into, as her eyes searched the darkness, she heard a cracking sound, she slowly turned back around and began staring in confusion at the cracking mirror. It took a few seconds for her to realize that the mirror would shatter in her face but it was already too late.

Jennifer screamed as bits of the mirror pierced into her skin. She used her hands to try and find her way back to her bed, or the door, or even the floor at least.

Knocks began to sound louder and louder from the door.

“Jennifer?!, Jen?!!, are you okay? Open up!!!”

That was her father. Jennifer kept crying.

“Jennifer honey, please open up,” her mother Agnes called out.

Mr. Bassey began to push against the door and after a moment it gave way and they came rushing in. Seeing Jennifer and the blood on her body made her mother freeze as she stood staring wide-eyed, her father managed to ask what was going on.

“The Mirr… the mirror, it… it just… broke,” Jen managed to speak.

Both parents turned in the direction of the mirror, then turned back to her and Mr. Bassey asked

“Honey, what are you talking about?”

“The mirror, it just be…”

Her words faded as she looked in the direction of the said mirror and found it in one piece.

“No Dad… mum… I swear that mirror was broken… it shattered in my face Mum!”

The pain she was feeling was quite numbed at that moment, she was just fixated on making her parents believe she wasn’t crazy.

“Dad, you have to believe me, it did.”

Hot tears trickled down her face. Both parents were trying to calm her down when Mr. Bassey’s eye caught something next to where Jennifer sat.

“What’s that?” He asked


“That!… Behind you!”

She looked at the spot her father pointed to and found a pocket knife.

Her eyes widened.

Written by The Godmother – dgalzanisland



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