Should Blacks Really Be Mourning Queen Elizabeth II?

Should Blacks Really Be Mourning Queen Elizabeth II?

Should Blacks Really Be Mourning Queen Elizabeth II?

I know it is not my business but I just want to say Trevor Sinclair is a Hero. It is my opinion. I totally agree with him. Again it is not my business but black is black jare. It is sickening how this world is shaped. Swears… It is very very very sickening, and what’s more sickening is how blind most of us are. We cling to shiny toys and never dare to question how they came about. We have each lived in our own virtual world for so long that the real world now seems like a fantasy.  What’s real? What isn’t? How many still ask these questions?Should Blacks Really Be Mourning Queen Elizabeth II?


You all are joining the United Kingdom in mourning the passing of their dearly beloved Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. Oh sorry… Queen Elizabeth II. God rest her soul? Mmmmm… Really? I don’t think so. Again just my opinion, but come to think of it, this lovely just-departed monarch has the longest rule in their history (noticed how I used the word ‘their’?). She ruled for a total of 70 years, and 214 days. She was 25 years when she ascended the throne after the death of King George VI on the 6th of February, in the year of our Lord, 1952.

Unrelated Info: Nigeria was bought by the UK for N22,978,624,089.10 only.

So as I was saying I believe Trevor Sinclair is a Hero for calling out this shameful act by some blacks out there.

And who is Trevor Sinclair?

Should Blacks Really Be Mourning Queen Elizabeth II?
Young Trevor in West Ham

Well, he used to be a notable winger who played in the English Premier League for clubs like Queens Park Rangers, West Ham United, and Manchester City. He also played in the Football League for Blackpool and Cardiff City. Now Mr. Trevor Lloyd Sinclair, who is English, is a football coach, professional footballer, and pundit.

  • A Pundit is an expert in a particular subject or field who is frequently called upon to give their opinions to the public. –

So this amazing English Hero is being investigated by the sports radio company, where he works as a football pundit and commentator.

Let’s take a pause…

Semi-Related Info: Queen Elizabeth II ruled from the 21st of April 1926 to the 8th of September 2022. 

Anyways, let’s get back to the Trevor story – so the sports world took a pause to mourn Her Majesty the Queen who died on the 8th of September 2022 at the overripe age of 96. Sinclair felt the honor of the monarch from people of black or brown colors was undeserved.

Should Blacks Really Be Mourning Queen Elizabeth II?

He tweeted,

Racism was outlawed in England in the ’60s & it’s been allowed to thrive so why should black and brown mourn!!“.

A little while after his tweet, talkSPORT announced that it was attempting to make contact with the former Premier League star to discuss the tweet and that it does not support those views expressed and is investigating the matter.

Investigating what? Lol!!!

Many are even still coming after him, calling his tweet disgusting. I am sure if these were the medieval ages oga will be stoned to death by an angry and confused mob.

Anyways, Trevor has deleted the tweet and his Twitter account. Na only God know wetin don sup underground asides calling for his sack, but all the same he is a Hero.

Should Blacks Really Be Mourning Queen Elizabeth II?
                                                                           Present day Trevor Sinclair

Bear in mind Trevor is still AWOL!

  • AWOL means absent without leave broadly: absent often without notice or permission

Another Unrelated Info: The United Kingdom began its reign over Nigeria in the year of our Lord 1884 and it lasted up to the 1st of October, 1960 (…not like they have let go completely).

Well, as I pointed out earlier many of us are blind. Funny thing is that you can’t even hold anyone accountable. If you check, the station belongs to a company that belongs to a company that belongs to yet another company that belongs to a group or committee or something. There is just no one, yet everyone. Abeg make I no too confuse you nwanne m.

All I am trying to say is that I also do not feel it necessary for the black community to mourn the demise of Queen Elizabeth II.  Unless say na clients full your phone…

Okay? Fine!

Trevor Sinclair and I are not the only ones with this view though. An entire Black Twitter community wasted no time calling out Her Majesty’s legacy. They addressed the history of the British monarchy, which included colonialism and slavery, and how they were instruments to the expansion of the British Empire and the transatlantic slave trade.

One user stated:

If the queen had apologized for slavery, colonialism, and neocolonialism and urged the crown to offer reparations for the millions of lives taken in her/their names, then perhaps I would do the human thing and feel bad. As a Kenyan, I feel nothing. This theater is absurd.”

And I totally agree. Check am na… to date, 15 Commonwealth countries remain ceremonial constitutional monarchies and include places like Ghana, Jamaica, Belize, Canada, and Australia. Queen Elizabeth II was the head of the Commonwealth and now Prince Charles will now become her successor.

  • In a monarchy, a king or queen is the Head of State. The British Monarchy is known as a constitutional monarchy. This means that, while The Sovereign is Head of State, the ability to make and pass legislation resides with an elected Parliament.


  • There exist at least two different types of constitutional monarchies in the modern world — executive and ceremonial. In executive monarchies, the monarch wields significant (though not absolute) power. The monarchy under this system of government is a powerful political (and social) institution. By contrast, in ceremonial monarchies, the monarch holds little or no actual power or direct political influence, though they frequently have a great deal of social and cultural influence.

That up there is in case you were wondering what a constitutional monarchy is.

More users shared their views;

Shakia Asamoah stated:

Reminder that Queen Elizabeth is not a remnant of colonial times. She was an active participant in colonialism. She actively tried to stop independence movements & she tried to keep newly independent colonies from leaving the Commonwealth. The evil she did was enough

When Paris Hilton tried to call the Queen a “girlboss,” another user cleverly retorted:

it was especially girlboss when she oversaw colonialism in Africa

Boots Riley was less eloquent with his disdain for the monarch:

The matriarch of a royal family legacy of slave-trading, imperialism, colonialism, theft, symbol of opulence and mascot for the ruling class is dead/the media will now parade the queen’s zombie ass in front of u while telling u that overthrowing capitalism is not what we need”

Honestly, hope you understand say we no dey celebrate say she die, no oh! We just don’t see the reason to grieve either.

Written by Khocee Wilson-Ejikeme


  1. Enkayyanna

    Informative I must say, I couldn’t agree more

  2. Sylvia Bens

    Truth is a true Nigerian who has read history shouldn’t be grieving, but when it comes to death, we have a soft heart and tend to feel sorry for the person….. Anyways Nigerians like eyes service

  3. Bhoo

    Her colonial choices with our forefathers happened. My forefathers also sold their kinsmen for money and gifts but I haven’t stopped bearing my father’s name or not attended a grandfather’s burial because he might have aided them many years ago.
    Till date, we all make bad choices that may directly or indirectly affect people negatively. So, asides preaching love and forgiveness, I also don’t think we need to troll the dead for ill choices they made especially decades ago.
    Some of us do not mourn or grieve for her death anyway. But we know a life was lived and has left a family. So, lighting a candle or putting up a photo really isn’t a thing to be trolled. Except of course, if the Late Queen may have wronged anyone personally.
    … Just my thoughts though.

  4. Dazzle

    Well in my opinion, our forefathers; yours and mine have never been touted as heroes for selling their kinsmen and what they did is seen as shameful. But in the case of the late queen, she being praised for her “amazing” 70 years reign which just rubs some of us wrong because a good chunk of it was spent perpetuating evil across Africa so forgive us for not shedding any tears. And yes, as Africans WE were personally wronged as you put it?

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