Am I Really a Writer?

Am I Really a Writer?

Am I Really a Writer?

I keep saying I am a writer but for a very long time now I haven’t really been able to write anything. Sure I am not the only writer going through this but most times it makes me wonder if I am supposed to write in the first place. Truth be told, I do not like the act of writing as I do the art. Stories and ideas come easy and not just any story – dope ones at that, but getting them out of this moderate-sized beautiful head of mine is the war of it. I can start off a new story today and today I do not write another word in it. It is always like I start and in no distant time, meh! I just tire out. I know how the entire story goes but I have the most significant issue in putting it down and this dear reader is a serious problem. Hence it begs the question; am I really a writer?

This problem, I think, has actually kept me at a standstill for a couple of years now. I imagine sometimes, what if I have finished at least one story, where would I be today? Would I be famous? Would I be rich? Would I be famous and rich? Well, we’d never know until I actually do finish at least one story. No matter how short it is.

For instance, there is this idea I had about some little people that live in my house. One day… oh wait! I don’t think it will be advisable for me to say that here. Someone could steal my idea and that will be disappointing, for me though, it will be awesome for the person because it is a pretty crazy story. Or I could tell the one about the story of the serial killer in prison for life and his relationship with a 9-year-old pen pal.

Here I go again. Sorry, I can’t tell you that either. What I am trying to say is I have over 70 story ideas raving in my head right now and I seem to be powerless about sharing them with the world. I have researched how to beat the infamous writer’s block, but the truth is what works for Cameron is not likely to work for Nadia. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be willing to try out more ways to let my demons out, oh sorry, I meant to let my stories out.

So my dear reader if you have a way or method that may be effective in overcoming the stagnant phase in this not-so-young but physically beautiful and young Nigerian writer of Igbo origin please share them with me in the comment box below. I just hope your time wasn’t wasted with my whining.

Thanks in advance champ. Love ya!

Written by Khocee Wilson-Ejikeme


  1. Dazzle

    To be honest, I don’t know much about writing but I do know about reading and I would love to read anything you write, you’ve got a gift. My vote would be to keep writing

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