MadeinBlacc Launches Its Campaign Against Child Violence 'IJE ANA ELELÉ'

MadeinBlacc Launches Its Campaign Against Child Violence ‘IJE ANA ELELÉ’

Children, boys & girls respectively, are at equal risk of neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse. Many instances of these acts of violence are at the hands of parents and other authority figures. It doesn’t stop there though; some parents subject their children to the hardships of life (i.e. hawking) at an early age.

On January the 21st 2022, the Press Conference of this epoch-making event IJE ANA ELELÉ by MadeinBlacc took place at Crescent Spring Hotel, Awka, Anambra State. It was attended by several personalities, including everyday people who found the movement intriguing enough to want to know more — which they did.

MadeinBlacc Launches Its Campaign Against Child Violence 'IJE ANA ELELÉ'

WEEOBSERVE was present with representatives from ABS, National Light, and some other media bodies within Anambra were also present, along with different brands who wanted to show support.

At the conference, WE found out about the launch, and the official beginning of the movement’s activities was debated, with a line of actions being put in place. The list of panel members for the campaign is in the process of being finalized, and the reach out to like-minds whose visions align with that of IJÉ, have been contacted.

The movement solicited the support of the general public on this life-changing Herculean campaign. It can be simply by sharing the word about the movement with your phones and reposting content relating to their mission to protect the child. The aim is that IJE ANA ELELÉ becomes a global movement. Together, that in itself is not impossible.

Derick Blacc introduced the face of MadeinBlacc and Ambassador of Tomorrow’s People, Queen Ifechukwu and she spoke on the campaign and her vision for it. After her speech, there were a lot of questions from members of the press and other attendees, and they were all answered duly.

MadeinBlacc Launches Its Campaign Against Child Violence 'IJE ANA ELELÉ'

The commercial tagline for the IJE ANA ELELÉ campaign reads

Today’s Child is Tomorrow’s Giant.

The mental health, socioeconomic strength, and the entire well-being of children need to be taken care of and it is our job as the generation before them. We need to protect these boys & girls and help them evolve positively in life. When they do wrong positive reinforcements should come into play, not acts of violence.

According to MadeinBlacc, we owe it to Tomorrow’s People to secure the future for them. One way to do that is to combat the violence channeled to them. The campaign against child violence will establish a panel that will formally handle and creates awareness concerning the aforementioned topic. It is geared towards the hunting of individuals and well-meaning bodies that will, in turn, gather the speed needed to push the message through.

WE will bring you more information as they unfold.

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