Who is MadeinBlacc?

Who is MadeinBlacc?

Who is MadeinBlacc?

Who is MadeinBlacc?: When #weeobserve asked this question over and over again, the brain behind the brand – MadeinBlacc (Brand as Ally) said,

“This is a global advocacy. An inevitable avalanche of change with the sole aim of creating a surge and up-rise among-st the youths to build the nation of their dreams. MadeinBlacc focuses on telling the story of the Black tribe, showing their elevation and creating a distinct voice that will herald the coming of a new era. MadeinBlacc is purely oriented towards the people, black owned brands, companies and any other production unit. It is diversified into roots which also hold different responsibilities, all of which have the sole aim of restructuring to build the nation we wish to see.”

The global advocacy as it was put has different platforms through which it intends achieving these above-stated objectives. They are;


Industrial Blacc Market – This is a hub for everything and anything market-able. Black owned, art for sale, made, crafted, built, created etc. The goal of IBM is to become the largest black virtual market across the continents of the globe. Products, services, materials, delivery – stealth or otherwise, gadgets/equipment etc. A fundamental thing to note is that the exchange of goods and services happens here on IBM. As long as it’s available, IBM will deliver it to you, online or offline. IBM is available for business.

Who is MadeinBlacc?


In order to make adequate and timely preparations for better days and the events mapped out for the months that follow, MadeinBlacc has installed a young, capable and smart representative of Tomorrow’s People, who would lead the mission into the palms of the youths and Africa at large. Queen Ifechukwu holds a position which acts as the tower imagery of the MadeinBlacc brand.

Who is MadeinBlacc
Queen Ifechukwu at Rúth8

She was installed and endorsed on the very first official dinner night of Rúth8 and stage by stage, she will accomplish the task ahead by birthing projects for today and tomorrow. She has also been introduced into the MadeinBlacc web page for members of the community to be able to associate, partner with and have knowledge of. As she embarks on more journeys, she’s the front for the brand, setting the way for the exposure of the BIG plan. She will be paying a courtesy visit to Ogene FM on the 5th of May, 2021. This is also a part of the set plans to introduce her to the Blacc community at large, letting them know what’s coming. By announcing her arrival through media outlets, we can reach a far audience (length and breadth wise).


Who is MadeinBlacc?

Get ready for the biggest Black concert you’ll ever experience. The Ijele Concert isn’t just a name or a mere gathering. Oh, it’s a whole lot more and extra. The Ijele Masquerade is a very special Masquerade to the Eastern tribe of Nigeria and it holds some very strong meanings to the Igbo community. Apart from the cultural importance and reverence, the Ijele Masquerade is an outstanding, encompassing and outrageously beautiful bodice. The Ijele Concert will be the second event, next in line and it’s main aim is to re-introduce the masses to their roots and background which we have premiered at the Rúth8 dinner party. It will celebrate the culture and heritage of Ndi Igbo as ONE.

The LAUNCHING of BlaccNetwalk

As steps are being put in place to solidify the MadeinBlacc brand, they present to you the much awaited BLACCNETWALK. This is the media orb of the brand which conveys graphic and motion news via YouTube. This media orb covers the affairs of the entire MadeinBlacc brand, detailing the activities ongoing, including the media tour of Queen Ifechukwu which will be unveiled pretty soon. Subscribe to the YouTube channel.

As your Ally, they want you to stay connected with the MadeinBlacc via their channels. This is to keep you close to them as possible, giving you timely information and feeding you with up-to-date information about the activities of the brand.

You can check them out on the following social media platforms. Follow them and turn on your post notifications to be the first to get their alerts.

Instagram: @blacctheddi

Twitter @blaccbiro


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