25 Fun Facts About Gpenzy

25 Fun Facts About Gpenzy

25 Fun Facts About Gpenzy

Earlier today WE informed you about the release of the official artwork of Gpenzy‘s forthcoming single “Love Me More“. The new single will be released on June the 3rd via streaming platforms, you can pre-save on Apple Music and Spotify.25 Fun Facts About Gpenzy

Well, in a bid to help you get more acquainted with the talented Nigerian singer and songwriter, WE bring you 25 fun facts about Gpenzy.


The Abia State indigene was born on June the 30th in the year 1995 and flows with Afro-pop, RnB, and Afro beats, he also plays the keyboard and drums. His inspiration comes from the likes of Jason DeruloRotimiSAINt JHN, and Burna Boy.

Gpenzy is a musical frenzy and from all indications; the ladies’ man. Handsome, well-built, and tall, the talented musician with his melodic voice would snatch your woman off your fingers #nocap.

25 Fun Facts About Gpenzy

  1. Gpenzy was never bullied as a child
  2. He was beaten up by a girl one time as a kid in primary school
  3. As a child, he wanted to be an Engineer (well, he engineers music now so WE guess that worked out) ?
  4. Black Sherif‘s “who never f@$k up hands inna the air” can be said to be a good theme song of his life
  5. He has never been injured in a dumb way
  6. He always sings in the bathroom; says he is the number one bathroom singer extraordinaire ?
  7. Someone once convinced him that beans made him tall
  8. If he was given a one-minute ad slot during the Super Bowl, he would perform the chorus of my latest jam “Love Me More25 Fun Facts About Gpenzy
  9. Loves eating in his house so that he can spread well
  10. Rates Kanye West as a Perfect 10
  11. Enjoys watching Soccer
  12. His favorite holiday is New Year. He is always happy to see a new year!
  13. Sees movies in his spare time
  14. On how to get his special attention, those who know, know
  15. Can’t date you if you’re not his number one fan, as well as loves whatever you do too
  16. Doesn’t like violence and chaos
  17. If he died today, he believes he will be remembered for how good a person he was and how hard he worked to make himself and his family happy
  18. As for a weird thing a fan has done for him, he said “one time he saw a fan spreading her arms downstage… I thought she enjoyed the song and when I looked at her I noticed she was asking for a hug! Anyways I went down and hugged her
  19. His superpower should be the ability to make people smile in seconds
  20. Doesn’t want to lose any part of his body
  21. He is a failed kitchen man – screws everything up there ? he can clean the whole house and do any other chore but cook? Naaah!!!
  22. Describes his sound as Generic! It’s popular but relates to a certain set of people in a particular state.
  23. Have never dealt with performance anxiety; calls himself a Natural!
  24. Creativity for Gpenzy right now is smooth and easy. It’s the business part that’s tough, but he says “we’re getting there tho
  25. Would love to collaborate with a lot of artists but for a start maybe 2Baba.

Gpenzy loves fun and laughter. You can enjoy his debut Extended Playlist ‘RADIOWAVES.’

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  1. Cassie

    You are indeed a strong man going through ur bio has made me happy and delighted I love ur music so much and I will always want to support you in any little way I can I love u Gpenzy even tho we have not met in person but I believe u will go farther than this #keepStandingStrong#we gat u Gpenzy??❤️❤️LetLoveReignLoveMeMore??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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