The Tale of Joan & Lucy

The Tale of Joan & Lucy

The Tale of Joan & Lucy

The Tale of Joan & Lucy: Joan and Lucy are siblings. One fateful day, mother promised to bake them a delicious Moi Moi with a lot of fish inside. She broke the sweet news to them on Monday and promised that she would do so on Friday of the same week.

As the sun rose daily, Joan and Lucy kept on counting the days, waiting impatiently for Friday to arrive so as to eat the delicious Moi Moi (for those who are not familiar with Nigerian terminologies, Moi Moi is another word for Bean Pudding). Mother had woken up early and prepared a pot of very delicious Moi Moi.

Joan and Lucy sat at the dining table with excitement, waiting to have their individual helpings of the much-awaited delicacy. Mother finally dished out the Moi Moi and served them at the table. They both started eating it at the same time; Joan saw a big chunk of fish first and showed Lucy then ate it, she saw another, showed Lucy again and still ate it. This happened the third, fourth, and fifth time, then Lucy got so angry and yelled out,

Mother!!! Why didn’t you put a lot of fish in my moi moi like you put in Joan’s?!!

I put fish in all the moi moi so wait till you find yours, mother said

Lucy angrily grabs Joan’s plate of Moi Moi and ran away, hoping to find more fishes. She got outside and started eating Joan’s Moi Moi but still couldn’t find any fish, she ran back to the dining and saw Joan with a bigger chunk of fish which came out of her own Moi Moi. Confused, she tried to collect the fish but Joan put it all in her mouth. Lucy fell to the floor and cried bitterly.

Mother laughed and said to her,

always be patient enough to wait for your own fish Lucy, everyone has their own fish, you just need a little time and patience to find your fish.

Lucy learned her lesson.

Written by H. O. N. E. Y. S



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