The Fall Guy’s Epistle

The Fall Guy’s Epistle

The Fall Guy’s Epistle

The Fall Guy’s Epistle: Swindling swine! They are just dirty pigs and I do not blame them. No! I blame the system. I blame the country because she don fail gan! And she failed woefully. Oh! The Pain! The Anger!

I just need to share with you guys today an event that got me feeling devastated and almost losing all hope in this country. It happened in the year 2017.

After a week of utmost pain, hate, and hurt, I looked back to what happened and thought to myself that if anyone had told me I’d end up in Police custody I’d hate the person for wishing me bad.

We had just finished #TheKowashiateExperience and just as I decided it was time to have a shut-eye I bumped into trouble. A simple domestic issue that can be resolved by simple dialogue! But all the same, I don’t blame them, who can be sane in a country like this?

Long story short, I found myself moving from Good Samaritan to a case of being assaulted and having the cops called on us afterward for more assault. Yeah!

Now I want you reading this to understand exactly what happened without asking many questions.

Smart! Smart!! Smart!!!

You are Khocee right now… Imagine you and I are one while I take you to the said event…

…much to your dismay, you find out that the system isn’t flawed. Not at all! There is no system. No structure. No investigation. It’s just plain brutality.

Imagine a police inspector using suggestive statements and torture to find out if you’re a cultist, thief, or G-boy – for a domestic case. And they do not even care for facts. You kept reminding them of the CCTV at the place they picked you from and they keep changing the topic; still asking what cult you belong to, and so on and so forth.

The moment you mentioned your town of origin, Obosi they started treating you like shit. Strip you, beat you, tie you… (this is one of the reasons why I am a strong hater of stereotypes to date).

The real culprits were there sitting and watching as you were manhandled and traumatized.

It was crazy that the stereotype of a place can become the signpost on anyone from said place, wherever he/she is.

You were in a place of outright anger, hate, disappointment, and chaos. You had lost a little more hope in humanity.

Remember you’re still being Khocee…

…you are in tears on how easy one can be oppressed when you have no one and nothing in this world and no structure for you to even sort for justice.

Now you are you. What do you think?

Written by Professor Khocee Wilson-Ejikeme


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    Did this really happen to Khocee???

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