Heat Wave

Heat Wave

Heat Wave

Heat Wave: I saw it coming three days prior, or should I say, smelled it in the air? and I tried warning the few peeps around me but no one seemed to be listening.

Typical Nigerians!

Look, I hate the dense feel it carries, and how it breaks my pores open, leaving me to leak like I was attacked by a woodpecker. Yes! It could drive me crazy hence, MY WORST TIME IN A YEAR.

My good friend, Dr. Harm Attan, a British-Sudanese DOCTOR WITHOUT BORDER decided to leave Nigeria well so before his work here was done.

Have we gotten so bad that even our generational alliances can’t stand us? Is the system now so corrupt that it repulses neighbors and visitors alike? And to think he resumed late last year.

I don’t know if it’s starting to feel like paraphilia, this our love story. I know I miss Dr. Harm Attan. Even the bats flying over my head right now as I type this sure do miss him too.
When it started it was like everyone was still trying to wrap their heads around it. They were in denial.

“Come on, it’s just the 12th day into the year so it couldn’t be”, I’m sure they must have thought to themselves.

Well, it sure it the 16th day and as at yesterday people had started singing my chorus with uncanny melody,

“I can’t stand this heat wave!!!”

Written by Professor Khocee Wilson-Ejikeme


  1. Winifred Chisom

    I sure do like Dr. Harm Attan, and I miss him

  2. Anthonia Igweike

    Just one word for this “intense”,i likey

  3. Dead by the sun

    I hope Dr Harm Attan left to go and turn off the heater

  4. Igwe favour MUNACHIMSO

    I miss Dr Harm Attan too

  5. Chidinma

    I really miss the harm attan sha?

  6. Nenny

    Very nice ?, I miss the good Dr so much.?

  7. Bhoo

    Too bad sapa is the newheat wave these days.

  8. Engr ben

    Miss my amiable Dr harm attan
    Nice one prof

  9. Ifesinachi Ebele

    I miss him too…the heat is intense and as a poultry farmer my birds are not smiling as this is the time they lose their loved ones.

  10. Princess Phillips

    I really miss Dr Harm Attan too?

  11. Mmasichukwu

    So, whats the solution to this?

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