A Summer Fling

A Summer Fling

A Summer Fling

A Summer Fling: It was the girl’s night out. I think they have this ritual every Friday night. Amy and her annoying friends – Amy is my girlfriend, don’t get me wrong. I love her to space and back but I don’t even know. I can’t fathom how she handpicked her friends. They were three – loud, wanton, and boisterous.

Oluchi, Kene, and Angelica.

These three were a bunch you couldn’t rip apart or tame, especially that Angelica girl. She was too outspoken, too sexy, too hot-headed, too bold, too materialistic, too everything. Funny enough, she got the most attention from guys alike. I won’t lie; I ogled her too but from afar. Sometimes, I just let my eyes linger a bit, tracing invisible lines that run from her waist to her hips. She was too much. Maybe I disliked her for it.

Kene on the other hand was too busty. Loud nevertheless but she could never keep her ever bulging breasts in. They would always catch your attention, whether you wanted them or not. They weren’t asking. Proud twins!

Kene was a bit younger than the rest. She was the party hype girl. She couldn’t get enough hangovers to make her sober; maybe because her Daddy left them for another woman, maybe because she has never had a relationship that lasted more than two weeks, maybe because she was enthralled by the night sights and sounds., maybe because she was an over pampered brat. I don’t freaking know but she was bad news in bold letters.

Oluchi… hmmm! Where do I start from?

Oluchi had a body count that could be multiplied by ten and still be too light to carry. Oyinbo pepper extraordinaire – She had this stupid accent that drove me crazy each time. She was a man hunter. She was the type that would run after a man, sleep with him, and tell the world she fucked him. She had zero shame. Not at all. One time, she hooked up with some douchebag on Facebook and when the sex wasn’t as mind-blowing as the guy had boasted, she dragged him online, saying he had the penis of a toddler. The guy tried to beg her but she was having too much fun. She even leaked their chats.

Ha! Fear women.

Oluchi had a boyfriend but what baffled me was the fact that she had him under her thumb. He knew she was a world-class whore but something still kept him. His faithful ass wouldn’t leave her. My friend said she jazzed him but honestly, I think it’s just the V-power.

My girl on the other hand is an angel. I’m being as candid as I possibly can. We’ve been together for two years and I can’t imagine my life without her. She’s the exact opposite of her friends. Sometimes I wonder how she does it, putting up with them. Amy is a lifesaver, my lifesaver. I’m nothing to brag about, so don’t expect too much. I don’t even own a car or a good-paying job. I know she works so hard for us. She covers up for my inadequacies and doesn’t rub it in my face. She’s everything and more. I’m just a 28 years old broke ass black man. The best I can do is to be faithful at least… Or maybe I should just come out plain.

On her 25th birthday, she decided to throw an all-nighter for herself and the girls. I didn’t complain. I just wanted her to be happy. We had gone shopping earlier that day with some cash I had saved up for business investment. She was worth it. She said she preferred shopping to a lavish birthday party. So, I took her to a boutique owned by a friend of mine. After that, we went boat riding, took a few pictures, and had lunch.

Honestly, I thought we could squeeze in a quickie before her friends whisked her away for their girls’ night but alas, no quickie cometh. God dey! After she left with them, I hooked up with my guys, Lanre and Jay for a drink. We were into our third bottles each when my phone rang. It was Amy. Did something go wrong?

“Hello babe”

“Can you come over to the hotel? We decided to make it a couple’s night” she said.
I could hear the shrieks of her friends in the background.

“How? Why? Who’s we?”

“I and my friends na. Who else?” She replied.

“Babe, this is your birthday, not theirs” I stated.

“I know. It was my idea. They all agreed. So, I’ll see you soon?”

I looked at my guys and they gave me the thumbs up. I told her I would be there in forty-five minutes.

“Guy, you dey fuck up o,” Jay said after I had ended the call.

“How?” I queried

“Your babe invites you to their girls’ night out, you say no. How e dey do you?” He continued.

I was honestly lost. Was I missing something here?

“I no understand”

“This na indirect invite for threesome abi na foursome. Guy no dey dull o”

Lanre looked at the both of us and shook his head.

“You no hear wetin she talk? She say na couple something. So other girls go bring their guys come” I responded.

“E no mean. Una go turn am to orgy”

This Jay guy was somehow useless I won’t lie. No wonder he didn’t have a girlfriend.

“But Jay, you know say you useless abi?” Lanre read my mind. Jay looked at him and sipped his drink, giving him the killer eyes.

“Una two dey craze; I envy you o Dave. If I be you ehh, I for don knack at least one of those babes. Hiaaa” he was very nonchalant about it.

“Them be my babe friends na. Why you dey talk like this?”

“Guy, you dey see road at all? Your babe fine o, we know, but, you don take your time check Angelica out? That girl na fire. Guy no dull o”

Jay sipped his drink again and looked away like he didn’t just tell me to cheat on my beloved Amy. As I sat there, I won’t lie; the images started playing in my head. This Angelica girl is trouble o. Hey God!

One time, she came to the house to see Amy. She wore something that seemed like a see-through pantyhose. I was literally seeing her ass, jiggling with each movement she made. If I hadn’t left the room, I would have to answer to my babe why I had a hard-on. Now, this bastard was putting the raw images in my head. I wasn’t going to cheat on my woman and that was final. Lanre gave me his car keys with a silent warning. I could be a rough driver. Okay. Fine. I am.

Thirty minutes later, I was seated with three other guys I didn’t know at the bar of the hotel the girls had lodged. The girls were swimming and I was just sipping something. I think it’s vodka and ice. A football match started. I’m not a fan. The other guys quickly glued their faces to the television nearest to them and began their football chants. I was bored.

That was when Angelica sauntered out of the water, dripping in just a bikini that neither covered her ass or boobs. I was mesmerized. She walked up to me, holding out her hand. I was confused. Seeing this, she pointed at the white towel lying on a stool close to me. I hadn’t seen that before. I passed it to her and she mouthed a “thank you“.

She didn’t tear her eyes away from mine as she cleaned herself up, starting from her perky boobs with evident nipples to her round ass and then lower. I didn’t want to take mine away. She smiled, came closer to me, just inches away from my groin, and whispered in my ear.

“Meet me at the restroom in five”

With that, she walked away like nothing happened. Amy came out of the water too and kissed me on the cheek. She asked if I had ordered anything for us. I pretended not to hear. Maybe Jay was right. That douche bag could be right. What’s the worst that would happen?

“I need to use the restroom babe. I’ll be right back”

“Don’t take too long” she said and kissed me again.

It was seven minutes of rushed, intense sex. I didn’t believe I could come twice in seven minutes. Damn. Girl was good with her mouth! She was in charge, pushing back against me with a crazy need to knock the sink over. Oh, I should save some details for later. She left the toilet and I knew I had to wait a while to leave too. As I sat there, drained and empty, it hit me. I had just cheated!

Jay’s voice found its way to my head.

“Guy calm down. No dey fuck up!”

Yes. I cheated but it was darn good. I have no regrets whatsoever. Amy wouldn’t be pissed if she didn’t know. Who would tell her? Definitely not me.

I returned to the pack a brand new man. I felt refreshed and good about myself. Amy had gone upstairs to change out of her wet bikini. Angelica was nowhere to be found. The guys were still transfixed on the match. No one missed me.

I sat down, grabbed my half-full drink, and sipped on. Maybe I had taken too much. Something didn’t taste right with the vodka. One of the guys turned to ask me if I had a lighter, he wanted to smoke. I told him I had one in my friend’s car. I got up and headed towards the car to get it. The parking lot was partially dark with a few rays of disco light coming from the bar. The solar bulb they installed had probably given up on life. It was glowing out its last breath. I quickly put on my phone torch as I fumbled with the keys.

I successfully opened the door, sat on the seat, and leaned over to the passenger’s side, reaching for the lighter. As I turned, my face bumped into someone. The shock made my phone fall out of my hand and onto the footrest. It was Kene. Before I could say anything, she closed her hand over my mouth, sealing it as she got in, climbing over me. She adjusted the seat backward and closed the door. I couldn’t fight whatever it was that was about to go down. Was this a dream?

She reached out for the inner light switch and turned the knob off. It was dark now but I could still make out her face and body. She had a singlet on with her jean bum short that left nothing to the imagination. She took my hands, placed them on her waist as she dived in for a kiss.

Ahhh. Local man got to cloud 9 for the third time that night. It was impossible. I hadn’t ever thought I would be doing this, with either of these girls or ever. But there was something about the way she touched me. It was different from Angelica. It was feathery. It was soothing. She was so soft. Goodness!

After we were done, she simply got up and walked away. Nothing. No words. I felt used. What was wrong with me?!

I grabbed the lighter and headed back to the bar. I walked with a pang of certain guilt, like a blatant whore. Amy was back. She threw her arms over my still recovering body and kissed me again. Couldn’t she smell it? The scent of another woman. I should have at least washed my mouth. Maybe I wouldn’t be tasting like Kene.

“Dance with me” she whispered into my ear as she dragged me to the middle of the bar.

We had all eyes on us. Well, except for Oluchi. She was flirting with her uninterested boyfriend. He didn’t want the public attention she was bringing but my guess is she was just high and horny. She would switch between licking his earlobes to rubbing against his crotch. For some weird reason, I couldn’t tear my eyes off them. She looked up, caught my eyes, and smiled. I blushed and looked away.

She had seen me staring and she was determined to put on a show. She threw caution to the wind and began grinding sensually on him. He was very uncomfortable. Poor introvert! She never broke her contact with me, licking her lips invitingly and pushing back against her boyfriend. She placed his hands on her luscious buttocks and urged him to squeeze. I was thrilled, throbbing, and entertained. Then something happened…

Her boyfriend got angry, stood up, and left. She didn’t go after him. She simply sat down like nothing happened and continued sipping her drink. She looked at me, then to my zip area and back to my face. She wasn’t hiding what she wanted. I shook my head and closed my eyes to get rid of the images that were already settling in.

“Are you okay babe?” Amy asked me.

I grunted. Oluchi walked up to us and handed Amy her phone.

“You have a call…” Was all she said. Amy excused herself to pick the call and left me there with the devil that would steal my soul in a matter of minutes. I made to leave and she held me back.

“Don’t act like you don’t want this. I saw you staring.”

“That was a mistake” I replied.

“We have about five minutes until she gets back. What do you say?”

She began tracing her finger from my arm up to my biceps, then my shoulder. She followed a line, slowly, softly to my chin, my lips, and inserted it into my mouth. She slipped it in and out for a few seconds before grabbing me out of the bar.

We were somewhere close to several stacked crates of empty beer bottles. I was standing and she was on her knees, wiping her mouth. It was a dream. Amy couldn’t. Not the way Oluchi did. It was somewhat dark but I could still see a gleam of unwiped liquid on her cheek. She was beautiful. She stood up, adjusted her clothes, and gave me a peck.

“I have to go”

I watched her leave with a pang of guilt comforting me.

Amy. My love. I’m sorry. I’m too weak to be your man. The women of this world have ruined me.

I said it earlier that my girlfriend means the world to me but I’ve come to understand that someone can mean the world to you and you would still mess that up.

Life no balance!

“Babe, I’m home”

I hear Amy come in. I am knocked out of my reverie. I have to go guys. I’ll continue this tomorrow…

Amy comes in, drops her handbag, and sits down. No hugs or kisses. She looks downcast and solemn.

“Richard…” She started. Her eyes fall to her fingers. A sparkle catches Richard’s eyes. Is that a ring?

“Is that a ring?” Richard asks. She doesn’t answer. He goes closer and takes her hand in his, examining the sparkling original diamond ring. She is still quiet.

“Amy, what is this?”

“I’m getting married” was all she said to him. She reaches into her handbag for an envelope and hands it to him.

“That’s my IV and a cheque for two million naira. My fiancé wants you to have it”

Richard looks at her and bursts out laughing.

“This is a big joke right?”

Amy is stone-faced. She reaches for the door handle and turns to look at him.

“I know what you did. I did it too. But the good part is I did it with a millionaire and we’re getting married. The joke is on you…”

Written by Pinklady Ohakah


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