1 Night

1 Night

1 Night

1 Night: I felt someone crawl their fingers down my naked back, slowly like they were drawing a mini Monalisa. I stirred a little. My eyes were still wrapped close. I didn’t want to wake up. At least not now. The fingers continued their journey, this time taking a path from my shoulders to my neck. They lazied around my jaw for a bit before resting on my lips, drawing circles, and opening them up slightly. I parted my eyes softly, slowly taking in the bright room light and the figure before me. The curtains were still drawn shut. There was music playing. So gentle and soothing.

My eyes fell back at him. He was lying beside me, facing me directly with a look of something I recognize so well. It scared me. He smiled, revealing his well-groomed set of teeth.

“Hello, beautiful. Hope you had a splendid night’s rest?” He whispered.

Ahhh, Wale. His breath was coated with mint. His hair was tousled but he still looked so damn edible. His tattooed chest heaved so invitingly, making me lick my lips in excitement. He raised my face to look directly into my eyes. I looked away. I couldn’t.

Don’t get me wrong. Wale is one hunk of a guy. Every girl’s fantasy I must say. His 6ft sexy frame would make any woman wobble at the knees. He was well-groomed, well mannered, and a hopeless romantic. Plus, he smelled like something too sweet all the time. You could literarily die of having too much of him.

His voice sounded like a combination of Yul Edochie and Idris Elba’s vocals. It was deep, masculine and so sexy.

I know you’re waiting for the “But” part right? Well, here goes…

I had met Wale at my best friend’s wedding three months ago. He wasn’t the best man. No. He was some douchebag who scratched my car while trying to reverse like a donkey in heat. I didn’t know what had happened. Realizing what he had done, he wrote his phone number down on a paper and stuck it between my wiper, explaining what went down and urging me to call him.

I stared at the deep scratch at the side of my Murano for almost five minutes, analyzing what exactly had played out to cause this extra expense to my purse. I wasn’t pissed, I was super upset. As soon as my eyes picked up the piece of paper lying there, I dialed the number immediately. I can’t say I was calm or nice to him that day but he had this cool demeanor that soothed and turned me on so badly. He fixed my car some days later and out of certain guilt for lashing out at him, I asked him to have dinner with me.

That was my very own undoing.

“You did sleep well, didn’t you angel?” He asked again, zapping me out of my thoughts.

I tried to smile but failed. I sat up and yawned.

I don’t hate him. In fact, it was the opposite and that was what scared me to death. I shouldn’t love him.

“Why are you still here?” I asked, looking away.

I could sense him smile again. He crept up to me and placed a kiss on my cheek, letting it linger. His finely cut beard grazed my smooth skin, sending hot flushes down my spine.

He raised his hand to my face and titled it as his lips found mine. I melted into his kiss, cradling his face with my eager hands. He scooted closer, almost like he was trying to grab the whole of me as he deepened the kiss.

“You’re intoxicating Cherie” he whispered between kisses.

No. He was the one that was intoxicating. I couldn’t resist him. We had made passionate love last night like lust crazy teenagers. The connection and chemistry were on a whole different level.

I was falling hard. Too hard and I would break. My heart was in places and pieces. I just couldn’t fall in love again. I pushed him gently. He pushed back harder, grinding himself into me as he let out a moan.


He froze immediately. I could see that look on his face. Like he had done something wrong. He raised himself from me and sat upright. His face contorted into a worry pose.

“Did I do something?” He asked.

I was dumb. This was someone I had prayed every day for. After Ceasar, I swore no man would make me feel the same way again. I was broken for three years. I couldn’t put my life back. Everything we built got washed away like we never existed. He had run off with a white woman.

“Why are you still here Wale?” I asked again.

He looked at me strange.

“Do you want me to leave?”

I didn’t have an answer to that. Everything was confusing.

“Why do you keep pushing me away Alison? You can’t keep doing this to me. What have I done this time?”

He was obviously getting irritated. I stood up and walked to the kitchen. He followed me.

“Last night was the best night of my life. I have never felt this way for any woman before. This is me being as bare and as naked as I possibly can…”

I grabbed a bottle of water, opened it, and gulped a mouthful down. He was standing there, looking love-struck, waiting for me to say something. I placed the bottle on the ceramic table and looked at him. He made to close the space between us and I stopped him.

“Wale… what we had last night was…”

“Don’t…” He interrupted.

I could see the pain in his eyes. He hit his fist on the table angrily.

“Don’t say what you’re about to” he continued, making his way to me with a fist that had begun to bleed.

He hesitated before holding me. He towered over my 5ft 5″ frame like an oak tree.

“Wale…” I started.

I was also on the verge of crying. This wasn’t my fault too.

“It’s okay. I’ll just go…”

I watched him take a few steps towards the kitchen door before I could find my voice.

“What we had last night was something special. I can’t forget it…”

He stopped in his tracks but didn’t turn to look at me. I walked up to him but he still didn’t turn.

“You make me powerful and vulnerable all at once. I’m just afraid that… One day you’ll leave and I’ll just crash all over again. I can’t let that happen to me.”

He turned towards me. His eyes were red and puffy. He pulled me towards him, placing his right arm across my waist, securing me. I wanted this security. I needed it.

“You’re my lifeline, Cherie. If I hurt you, I’ll drown. You need to understand that I am nothing without you. Nothing”.


As we lay entwined in the sheets one hour and several orgasms later, his heart beating calmly beneath my palm as my head bobbed up and down with his breathing, he whispered…

” Do you prefer gold to silver? ”

“Ohhh, silver” I answered without thinking.

“Silver it is” he whispered back with a kiss to my forehead as he got up from the bed.

I was startled and confused. He started dressing up.

“Where are you going?”

I asked out of panic that maybe I had pushed the thought of leaving again to him and he was going to take my word for it this time.

He saw the fear in my eyes and leaned in to kiss me again. He cupped my face in his hands and smiled at me.

“To officially make you mine”

Written by Pinklady Ohakah


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