The Son of Grace – Emeh Chukwubuikem Onyedikachukwu

The Son of Grace - Emeh Chukwubuikem Onyedikachukwu

The Son of Grace – Emeh Chukwubuikem Onyedikachukwu

Popularly known as S.O.G. (Son of Grace), Emeh Chukwubuikem Onyedikachukwu is a businessman, realtor, TV host, and entertainment entrepreneur from Nigeria. He is currently the host of the entertaining talk show HOTTAKES with S.O.G. on his Tawnkraya TV YouTube channel.

The Son of Grace - Emeh Chukwubuikem Onyedikachukwu


Full Name                           Emeh Chukwubuikem Onyedikachukwu

Origin                                  Umudinya, Awuda Nnobi, Idemili South LGA in Anambra State

Nationality                         Nigerian

D.O.B.                                  15th October 1995

Occupation                         Businessman, Realtor, TV Host, Entertainment Entrepreneur & Therapist (still working on getting certified)

Other Talent(s)                  Acting, Story Writing, Abstract Writing, Man Management, Orator

Years Active                       2012 till date (11 Years)

Industry(s)                          Entertainment, Finance, and Real Estate

Brand(s)                              STAINEDHANDS GLOBAL, Tawnkraya TV, Voltage Wears

Associated Brand(s)         LONEWOLF and STAINEDSCRIBES

Relationship                       Dating

The Son of Grace - Emeh Chukwubuikem Onyedikachukwu


Emeh Chukwubuikem was raised in Enugu, often known as Coal City. When he was in Nursery Two, his family relocated from Anambra state to Enugu. He was admitted to what is now known as “God’s Care Academy.” He changed schools in Primary Two, attending the Word of Faith Group of Schools until the end of his primary education.

Being a stubborn child, he was sent to Command Secondary School in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, where he completed his secondary education before sitting for the NDA exam and deciding to enroll in Anambra State University, Igbariam to study soil science.


His career began when he was a student at the University because of the distinctive characters he displayed there. He led THEATER CATHOLICA, the university’s best theater group at the time, under the alias “ohhmpa.” During his first and second years of school, he had some modeling jobs as well, but he stopped because of some personal issues. He served his country in Cross River State, specifically in the Yahe local government region, after completing his university studies.

He kept honing his talents as a performer and picked up some insight into the depot industry.

By the time S.O.G. was prepared to launch his own company, he had already worked for some business gurus and observed the trends in the Nigerian industry. He learned about the typical Nigerian’s greed and how it inflated the market to the point where buying basic items like clothing had become dangerous. As a result, he made the decision to do everything in his power to close the gap and contribute back to society by offering high-quality clothing at reasonable costs.

He said, “I am inspired by the idea that I can make one person happy daily. I can help change Nigeria for the better in my own little way. Little drops of water they say… you know the rest… lol!”

Emeh C.O. noticed early enough that he was a storyteller and had a penchant for watching movies and being critical of how they should be and where the mistakes were made hence, he started pursuing a career in the movie world while still a student in 2018. Luckily for him, he realized quickly that in Nigeria you need money to feed your passion or you might end up dead with your passion buried deep. He also realized that he was made for something bigger – to be a shining light leading the path for millions of people so he decided to venture into real estate to acquire the financial strength needed to pursue a career in entertainment. That little decision was also a part of the influence for creating his clothing business, ‘Voltage Wears.’

“Being an only son from a poor background place you at a disadvantage to life 2:0, the odds aren’t fair from the start because your parents have you to look up to. You have to find a way to stand on your feet or else you get thrown on the bandwagon and become one of the millions waiting on change. In my career, the corrupt nature of our country makes it really difficult for grassroots talents to find their way onto the stage. To find your way, you have to grease your palms or play dirty games. Only a few are lucky to pass unscathed. One day we will effect change in the status quo and provide a level playground for all budding talents, regardless of age, race, tribe, color or creed – that’s the dream.”



Being a very outgoing individual, S.O.G. has traveled around the nation in some capacity, visiting places like the Federal University of Technology in Owerri, Imo State University, Umuahia War Museum, Michael Okpara University, and Abia State University in Abia State. He has also visited the Federal Capital Territory Abuja and Lagos.

The Son of Grace - Emeh Chukwubuikem Onyedikachukwu

He loves to read, see good movies, talk with friends, and play video games – strictly FIFA football games.


You can follow S.O.G. on Instagram @s.o.g_voltage, on Twitter @RealStainz, and on Facebook – Emeh Francis Stainz.

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