Biography of Leo Obienyi; Career and Net Worth

Biography of Leo Obienyi; Career and Net Worth

Biography of Leo Obienyi; Career and Net Worth

Leo Obienyi is a Nigerian filmmaker, dancer, and digital marketer. He is the first to produce a horror Zombie movie in Nigeria, ROAD TO JABI, which was released on September 4th, 2022.

LEO OBIENYI PROFILEBiography of Leo Obienyi; Career and Net Worth

Full Name              Leo Ugochukwu Emmanuel Obienyi

State of Origin       Anambra State 

Age                         27 years 

Date of Birth          May 30th, 1995

Nationality             Nigerian

Net Worth              $13,000

Origin                     Anambra State, Idemili South

Occupation(s)       Filmmaker, Digital Marketer

Other Talent(s)      Dancer, Editor, Story Writer

Years Active          2016 – present

Label(s)                 Slam Dance Crew

Associated Acts   Spark, Cr8tify, Optic,

Relationship         Single


Leo Obienyi was born in Ikotun in Lagos state, Nigeria on the 30th of May, 1995. In 2005, at the age of 11, his family of seven moved to Abuja. His father is an Igbo Nigerian from Idemili south in Anambra state while his mom is a foreigner. He is the second of five children (3 boys and 2 girls).


Leo went to Jordan Primary School in Lagos, then attended a boarding school in Abuja from age 12 – 15 called Karishi Government Secondary School. He finished his secondary education at City Royal College where he wrote his SSCE.

He graduated from the department of Theater and Film Studies at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka in 2017, and served his nation via the National Youth Service Corp. in Abuja in 2018.


Mr. Obienyi is a dancer, filmmaker, and digital marketer. At the age of 15 while in high school, watching a lot of dance videos & movies directed Leo to begin dancing himself. He would practice a lot after watching these videos and with time became a dance creative. He eventually joined some dance groups in school and attended several dance competitions; in which he performed exceptionally.

Before he gained admission into the University, Leo failed his first SSCE and his first choice of study was Law (his mother’s choice though). After writing it a second time and this time choosing Theater Arts in his JAMB exam, he passed. He always knew Law wasn’t for him.

In college, Leo Obienyi was always passionate about entertainment and physical activities. He participated in a lot of school drama and dance shows. He also acquired a lot of knowledge about entertainment and was a member of the dance crew tagged SLAM. He was the best dancer in UNIZIK during his days there.

In his final year at the university, Leo produced his first movie, “The Hawker.” The film, which wasn’t his idea but he sponsored, was premiered and aired inside the school auditorium and the tickets were sold for ₦500. It was sold out.

Biography of Leo Obienyi; Career and Net Worth

Creativity has always been second nature to him and in 2019 he started making short videos and skits to challenge himself.

Biography of Leo Obienyi; Career and Net WorthIn November 2021, the handsome creative decided to write a story about a Zombie Apocalypse here in Nigeria. This took him about two months to finish and in January 2022 he put his team together to commence production of the short film, ROAD TO JABI. He covered the total expenses for the entire production span, and it took them about three months to shoot.

This is actually the first-ever Zombie movie in Nigeria, and at the end of the production, he decided to premiere it. When the movie trailer was released it spun different reactions from people, some positive and some negative, but mostly positive. It also got huge recognition in the social media space with over 500,000 views on its platforms, including likes and shares by celebrities. For the premiere, tickets were sold at ₦2000 each and approximately 1000+ copies were sold. They sold out the most enormous hall at Silverbird Cinemas, Abuja.Biography of Leo Obienyi; Career and Net Worth

Mr. Obienyi has indeed followed his passion. He doesn’t dance much these days but focuses more on his filmmaking career now. He hopes to make a dance movie soon here in Nigeria.

Career Style & Influence: Leo Obienyi has always felt that most Nigerian artists and producers always did similar things hence he had the urge to be different, to do something that had never been done. Out of over 200 million movies made in Nigeria, he is the first person to produce a Zombie movie. He intends to make more movies that would continue to stand out in the entertainment industry.

Journey So Far/Struggles: Nothing is easy in life and Leo Obienyi is no exception. He stated that there had been lots of challenges in his journey. He single-handedly sponsored his movie, having an estimated 100 crew members.

One of the biggest challenges for him would be trying to pass his idea along as there are a lot of creatives with their own ideas out there. So you really have to stand out and be divergent.

Biography of Leo Obienyi; Career and Net Worth
Winners of the 2018 Maltavator Challenge Season 2

Achievements So Far: Generally, Leo Obienyi won plenty of competitions back when he was a student. One of the popular ones was the “Maltavator Challenge Season 2” back in 2018 where he emerged as a semi-finalist out of over 10,000 contestants. It was an inter-country competition and he came out as one of the Top Six (6) selected to compete against foreign nations. He was removed as a result of a cheating scandal against him. Asides from this, Leo is yet to receive more awards and recognition. He still has a lot of amazing projects in store for the future.

Events/Tours: Barely attends events these days but several with Maltavator counting as one over the years. Leo Obienyi has some upcoming tours lined up; including the premiere of his zombie apocalypse movie ROAD TO JABI in Lagos and Anambra state (intends to visit his alma mater UNIZIK to showcase his latest work).Biography of Leo Obienyi; Career and Net Worth


The talented biracial hits the gym regularly, dances (of course), skates, plays video games, and is an adverse lover of paintball. He also loves Jollof rice very much.



Follow Leo on Instagram @leo_malikk


His net worth is $13,000 US Dollars.

Expect so much more from Leo Ugochukwu Emmanuel Obienyi, the handsome Igbo filmmaker, dancer, and digital marketer who is just getting started.


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