Over My Computer

Over My Computer

Over My Computer

Sitting hunched over my computer, I knew it was wrong. I was wrong. The recurring pains should keep me alert on how wrong I was, but I just stayed there. It was 3 am and I think I had been sitting there since I got up the previous morning (except for one or two bathroom breaks, hydration, and a mini-brunch or midway snack).

Yeah, I knew it was so wrong but I couldn’t just help myself. I stayed, hunched over my computer, working, gazing, wandering, smoking, praying, thinking, working, and so on and so forth. Mind you, I am a young man (late twenties) and I look extremely fit. Truth is, I am not. Lol!

Anyways, there I was hunched over my computer when suddenly a thought crossed my mind. I remember it vividly, picture by picture, word for word, as though I am looking at it at this very instant. It was a very beautiful thought. Beautiful and Terrible, sorry Terrific. It was both Beautiful and Terrific.

Now you have started growing impatient,

“what the hell is he going on about!? Just talk already!”

Patience love! Dem no dey rush Genius!!! ?

As I was saying, there I was hunched over my computer when suddenly a beautiful and terrible, ehm sorry… terrific, beautiful and terrific thought crossed my mind. And I also said that I remembered it vividly, picture by picture, word for word, as though I am seeing it this very instant. So, the thought…

You know ehn… this life no hard. na us dey make am hard. If I end up telling you that there is or was no thought, you go start to dey vex for me. If I tell you all this was just made up, you fit swear for me join. I bet you already are. But chill, I said,


It’s a perhaps ☺️

I have taken up so much of your time already so I’m just going to go ahead and say it.

There I was by 3 am on that fateful day. With all the pains I feel in my joints, I sat hunched over my computer when suddenly this beautiful and terrific thought that I remember so vividly, picture by picture, word for word, as though I am seeing it this very instant, crossed my mind. I thought to myself,

“Chai! I’m financially misplaced oh! And I have lost so much color in my life. Also created a great distance for great reasons. Am I happy? Do I feel safe? or better yet, sane? Is life real? Are we even real? Is there any truth out there? Everything seems to contradict itself. Every fact! Every doctrine! Every law! Everything crashes against itself. Funny thing is, we all see it. They say we are blind but we all see it. And that’s the problem. We all see it but we are fine with it. Or we just don’t have the strength to face it. Maybe it’s that we do not have warriors anymore. Or maybe we do. They are just on screens and tweets. The typical modern-day man is a coward. Or not. The typical modern-day man is… what even is a typical modern-day man? What qualities do we look out for? Why should there even be a typical modern-day man? We are not the same. That whole fingerprint unique stuff they say. God is good. But what is good? Again, God is good. Man was made in God’s likeness. Who is man? Everything was made by God. And He looked at everything that was made and He said they were good.  Where did bad come from then? What is bad? Get back to work fam. Remember you are financially misplaced.”

Then I sat up and continued working.

So bye for now beautiful reader, love ya!

Written by Khocee Wilson-Ejikeme


  1. Dazzle

    Yup! It’s official, I’m calling it! Your’s is the WEIRDEST brain on planet Earth ???

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