Meet Tracy Dominic, the Fearless Soul

Meet Tracy Dominic, the Fearless Soul

She exudes confidence, commands attention, possesses intelligence, and radiates beauty. Introducing Tracy Brenda Dominic, known professionally as Tracy Dominic, a multi-talented individual with a diverse range of skills and accomplishments. She excels in various fields including TV hosting, producing, journalism, modeling, public speaking, writing, and philanthropy.


BIRTH NAME Tracy Brenda Dominic
DATE OF BIRTH August 25, 1996
ORIGIN Nnewi South LGA, Osumenyi, Anambra State
OCCUPATIONS TV Host, TV Producer, Journalist, Model, Transformational Speaker, Writer and Philanthropist
YEARS ACTIVE 2018- Present
INDUSTRIES Media, Fashion, and Humanitarian
LABEL/COMPANY The Vimaks Daksa Foundation

BRIEF SUMMARY OF EARLY LIFEMeet Tracy Dominic, the Fearless Soul

Born in Onitsha, Anambra State, as the second child and daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Uzochukwu. She has a total of four siblings. Her parents relocated to the North to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams when she was just two years old. Tracy grew up in a decent home because they were both hardworking people and disciplinarians. From a young age, she possessed a determined and ambitious mindset.

Her childhood in Gombe State was filled with tranquility and serenity. As a child, she had all the essentials growing up in a middle-class home. In addition, her parents ensured that they attended top-notch schools. They showed great support for all their dreams and aspirations. Having incredibly understanding and supportive parents was a major source of pride for miss Dominic during her early years.

After completing her Primary Education at Zenith International Nursery and Primary School, and her Secondary Education at Universal Secondary School, graduating in 2014, the Fearless Soul went to Enugu to continue her studies at the Enugu State University of Science and Technology, where she pursued a degree in Cooperative Management. Unfortunately, she lost her mom right after graduating, in September 9, 2020. That is an incredibly heartbreaking event for both her and her entire family. About the loss, Tracy shared,

“I lost my mind. But what has kept me going is that she lives on in me, and I have a legacy to keep.”

RIP Mrs. Dominic!!!


During her teenage years, Tracy Dominic would often read the news on the assembly ground at her secondary school. When home, she would eagerly grab the Sunday Newspapers her Dad brought and immerse herself in the pages of important stories (even if she didn’t fully grasp them at the time). Occasionally, she would retreat to the sitting room, where she would set up her phone camera and engage in self-interviews, posing questions to herself and providing her own answers.

She also began writing at a young age. She would love to write a plethora of motivational content and document some of her most profound life experiences and the valuable lessons she’s learned along the way. She still has that book today. It’s a journal she’s kept since she was 17.Meet Tracy Dominic, the Fearless SoulMeet Tracy Dominic, the Fearless Soul

Miss Dominic also has had the privilege of winning a few awards throughout her career as a model. One of her most notable achievements was when she competed for the title of ‘Best Young Model in Nigeria‘ in 2018. Out of 20 other talented contestants in the YouthFameShow, she emerged as the winner. In 2019, she achieved the position of 1st runner up in the ‘Miss Fashion Diamond Tourism’ pageant. In 2021, she again had the opportunity to showcase her talents in a commercial for the South East Food and Fashion Festival, which landed her her first Billboard gig.

In recent years, Tracy Dominic has shifted her focus towards building her media career, while still taking on modeling gigs.

She began her career as a presenter at House on the Rock Church in 2018, where she was chosen to report the news. While faithfully serving as an anchor in Church, she had the opportunity to connect with a Church member who had seen her on the multimedia screen. This individual kindly recommended her to a filmmaker who was in need of a reporter. That’s when she landed her first paid gig as a broadcaster. The 7th Enugu state house of Assembly inauguration took place in 2019. While she was still working in Church, her Producer at the time, Alapo G. Ifeanyi, suggested that she refined her skills in a more professional media environment. Later, she was introduced to Sammy Adrian Ajufo, the CEO of Colorcode Media Group. Tracy began her journey as a trainee and gradually honed her skills, eventually transitioning into a full-time staff member. Now, she has the privilege of presenting, producing, and hosting shows. She quickly rose to the position of head of programs and even took on the role of manager during that period.

Upon beginning her full-time career as a broadcaster, her event hosting job also took off. And she began securing hosting opportunities, even outside of the South East region.


As a Broadcaster, she has a strong passion for Human Angle Stories and strive to use her platform to make a positive impact by bringing attention to important issues in society. Tracy Dominic strives to make a positive impact on people’s lives through the power of storytelling and motivation. Her goal when writing or speaking is to evoke strong emotions in her audience. Highlighting the potential for life transformation through a positive mindset and a clear sense of purpose.

Meet Tracy Dominic, the Fearless Soul

She also promotes that agenda through the slogan of her non-profit organization, which focuses on improving lives through both words and actions. The Vimaks Daksa Foundation is dedicated to uplifting marginalized individuals by meeting their basic needs and offering them a platform to showcase their exceptional talents. The foundation also prioritizes supporting small scale businesses across all 36 states of Nigeria, in addition to exploring Talents.


Being an ambitious individual with diverse interests, Tracy made the decision to relocate from Enugu to Lagos in May 2023. When asked why she said,

“This move was driven by my desire to further my career and explore greater opportunities in my multiple areas of expertise. 2023 was a transformative year for me. I engaged in introspection and contemplation, uncovering the answers that guided me towards my true purpose and the path I was destined to follow.

I would say, I’ve made considerable progress in both my personal and professional life. Throughout this brief period, I have encountered numerous experiences that have imparted invaluable life lessons, particularly in my interactions with individuals, friends, and coworkers. I have gained valuable knowledge and skills throughout my career that I am confident will contribute to my future growth and success.”


Indeed, challenges are an inherent part of life. Tracy has discovered the art of dancing in the rain while relentlessly pursuing her goals. She has encountered quite a few challenges thus far. Financially, in her career, starting less than one year in Lagos felt like she was starting from scratch. Certain stations prefer to compensate individuals they perceive as established or with prior experience in Lagos. In Hosting Events, some potential clients prefer to work with Hosts who have affiliations with a TV/Radio Station. However, Tracy no longer finds it bothersome as she is fully occupied with establishing her brand and developing her own platform across multiple domains. She’s seen a remarkable difference in her progress ever since she shifted her mindset to think more like an entrepreneur rather than an employee. She is highly impressed with the Tracy Dominic brand and believe it will soon become widely recognized – a House Hold name.

ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE (Awards, Projects, and Recognitions)

Achievements in Modeling:

  • Recipient of the Best Young Model in Nigeria award in 2013
  • Miss Fashion Diamond Tourism (1st runner up) in 2019
  • Made her first appearance on the Billboard at the South East food and fashion festival in 2021.

Media (Certification):

  • National Broadcast Academy (Journalism)
  • West Africa Broadcast and Media Academy (Presentation and Public speaking)

Notable Achievements:

Highlighted in Entrepreneur and Career Magazine – GABI


  • 7th Enugu State House of Assembly inauguration
  • Amaka Chiwike-Uba Annual National Asthma Conference, 2019
  • Coal City Film Festival
  • 042 Reunion
  • EOPANSE Conference
  • Miss Port Harcourt City
  • Employability and Soft Skill Summit
  • Red Lens Comedy Night
  • Muscle on Wheels, MOWTRIX
  • Reminisce and Chill
  • Mega Real Estate Submit
  • Ajebo 10th Anniversary
  • Chandelle the Best Academic Awards
  • Hamed Abayomi Olorunshola 50th Birthday


Tracy Dominic, a highly sociable person, has explored various parts of the country, including the Lekki Conservation Center and Lekki Arts and Crafts Market in Lagos, Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi, Jos Wildlife Park in Plateau State, Nike Lake Resort, Ngwo Pine Forest, and Awhum Water falls in Enugu, Unilorin Zoological Garden in Kwara State, and Twin Island in Calabar.

Meet Tracy Dominic, the Fearless SoulMeet Tracy Dominic, the Fearless Soul

Meet Tracy Dominic, the Fearless Soul

She has a passion for writing, reading, swimming, and dancing.


Be sure to check out The Fearless Soul on Instagram @tracydominic_, X @tracydominic_, LinkedIn @Tracy Dominic, Facebook – Tracy Dominic, and on YouTube @Tracy Dominic.


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