Serena, the astrologer I frequented, was known for her collective readings. During a few sessions, she’d declare, “You’re in your power!” Back then, I was experiencing a personal renaissance, but it felt incomplete. It wasn’t until recently that I truly grasped the meaning of being empowered. I felt so much in my power. This feeling, unlike my previous glow-up, emanated from within – a sure sign of a prophecy coming true, haha!

Let me tell you, being in your power is a whole other experience. There’s an overwhelming sense of peace, so profound it borders on numbness. Issues don’t rattle you anymore. Remember those heated arguments where I’d bellow to be heard? Now, I prioritize listening, truly listening, to understand rather than dominate.

But it’s not just about the way you carry yourself. Your communication transforms. You speak with intention, carefully choosing words and timing. You understand the power of silence and when to utilize it. Listening goes beyond the basic school lessons. It’s about absorbing everything – the words, the emotions behind them, the other person’s perspective. This deep listening fosters genuine connection and empathy.

Reaching this state isn’t easy. It takes hard work, self-reflection, and maybe even some breakdowns (we’ve all been there!). The key is SURRENDER – letting go of your comfort zone, even if you suspect it’s holding you back. Embracing your full potential requires facing these limitations.

The journey is bittersweet. You confront uncomfortable truths, but ultimately, you emerge more authentic and fulfilled. Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey and discover your own inner power?



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