Hopsin Says Fly

Hopsin Says Fly

Hopsin Says Fly

WE have been doing a lot of sitting and thinking for some time now. The world is not changing. WE don’t think it is. WE believe things just keep unfolding, things that had been set in motion over time. Anyway, that’s not what WE’re here to talk about today, let’s talk about flying.

American hip-hop artist Hopsin released an amazing music track a while back, July the 8th 2015, to be exact. The track, he called ‘FLY.’Hopsin Says Fly

Unrelated but just so you know; the rapper, songwriter, and record producer from Los Angeles Marcus Jamal Hopson in 2007, was signed to Ruthless Records and founded his own record label, Funk Volume, in 2009. He then went on to found another record label, Undercover Prodigy, in 2016. Hopsin has released five studio albums, Gazing at the Moonlight through Ruthless Records, Raw, Knock Madness, and Pound Syndrome along with the collaborative project Haywire with SwizZz through Funk Volume and No Shame. He is well known for his use of white-colored eye contact in music videos, performances, and interviews.

Well, FLY is the second single off his album Pound Syndrome. In it, Hopsin analyzes the organized nature of society, and how we as individuals are influenced to conform to fit within pre-established confines. He simply says we should open our eyes, open our minds, and fly!

Via Twitter he stated,

this song has the most meaning to him out of all the tracks off Pound Syndrome, going on to say that this song was inspired by the “stupid people on Earth”.


Hopsin Says Fly.

Thank you for reading up till this part. WE are eternally grateful and love you.

Now, WE ask that you take your sweet time and read through the lyrics of Hopsin’s FLY below;

I was taught that education is the only way to make it
Then how’d I get so much money inside my savings?

My teachers never saw the heights that I was fuckin’ aimin’
Did the man who invented college go to college? Hm, okay then
Am I the only one that noticed humans on the same shit?
Y’all thoughts are sailin’ on the same ship
And if that’s the case, then that’s the reason that you ain’t shit

Let me enlighten you, my niggas, just let your brain drift

[Verse 1]
First of all, the best type of marketin’
Is marketin’ that doesn’t feel like marketin’
It makes the people feel like they a part of it
And when it’s done right, corporations think it’s marvelous
They feed us these ideas and they would place ’em in our hearts to sit
It’s why players are good at gettin’ chicks
It’s why Nike is good at sellin’ kicks
It’s why Disney is loved by all the kids
Why McDonald’s owners are super rich
We’re too blinded to ever see ’em pitch
See, when this happens we take our health
Wealth, lives, and just hand ’em off
Thinkin’ that we did this from organic thoughts

I know you seen parents trick kids
With candy, toys, and Santa Claus
The same method is used to trap adults
But instead of candy, it’s with money, religion, drugs, and alcohol
Mention that shit and it’s gon’ arouse us all
I done seen niggas get into fights over cigarettes like a pack of dogs
They get you hooked and then they laugh at y’all

I really hate to break it to you
But your life’s bein’ played with
You have not witnessed the world
‘Cause you stuck in the Matrix
Everything we have been taught was all a lie
Open your eyes, open your mind, and fly

[Verse 2]
Man, can’t you see we’re robots
Who know not what we do and we got no shot
In the real world until we climb out of this ice-cold box
Your whole life has been part of a whole plot
To keep you at the bottom while they on top
Stay quiet, then they won’t stop

They always tryna show us what we don’t got
They do it to all of us ’til we finally break and go cop a gold watch
Knowin’ we need the cash for rent, my ass is sick

Just thinkin’ about how rich and powerful all these bastards get
They package ideas like it’s oxygen
They make us feel like if we ain’t got it we fucked and we cannot fit in
This fuckin’ system is not your friend
And understand they controllin’ your thoughts ’cause they got a lot to win

Niggas get turned away when I mention this
Ignorance is bliss, but I don’t give a fuck,
 I won’t censor shit
The Matrix is real and you done entered it
It’s way too intricate for you to ever realize it you fuckin’ simpleton

I really hate to break it to you
But your life’s bein’ played with
You have not witnessed the world
‘Cause you’re stuck in the Matrix
Everything we have been taught was all a lie
Open your eyes, open your mind, and fly[Verse 3]
Yo, fuck Hollywood! Fuck all these reality shows!
Makin’ us feel lame unless we blowin’ stacks on new clothes
Makin’ us feel like we ain’t cool unless we have a few hoes
Makin’ us feel like we ugly unless we have a new nose
I see naturally beautiful women get Botox, fake tits
Fake lips, they so brainwashed and it doesn’t make sense

Focus on your life and the path you pursuin’
‘Cause y’all too busy worried ’bout what Kim Kardashian’s doin’
Check it, most of this shit that you sheep are watchin’ on television
Is fake as fuck and it’s not real,
 I rebel against it
It’s the Devil’s business, they just reel y’all in
If they say it we do it, yo I’m tryna tell y’all, man

The system created the stereotype for the Black image
That’s why my people are scared to be different
Why don’t you get it?
 I’m done practicin’ these ridiculous rituals
It’s time I become a real individual and just do me
I really hate to break it to you
But your life’s bein’ played with
You have not witnessed the world
‘Cause you’re stuck in the Matrix
Everything we have been taught was all a lie
Open your eyes, open your mind, and fly[Outro]
Use your mind, be yourself
Don’t be nobody else but you
You and the meaning of life
There’s no rules, no rules, no rules
Fly away! Fly away!
Away, away, away!
Life’s too short not to live it
The world is all yours, come get it
Just go and get it, it’s beautiful

Deep right? WE thought so too. Beloved One, open your eyes today and see – see that you are amazing and that you are beautiful and courageous, great and loving. You can do anything. Just open your mind, dream it and do what Hopsin says, Fly!

You can watch the video below;


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