If I were to go back to being a child, I would heavily frown at the thought of becoming an adult. I would literally scream at anyone who would want to talk me out of it.

Movies have so portrayed the life of an adult as smooth sailing and easygoing. You know those movies where an adult goes on vacation, works in an air-conditioned office, lives independently, as well as owns a wonderful apartment, and even luxury cars? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.  Little did I know, that those things come at a cost. One would have to work so hard, as well as be buttered with grace before one can get such a life.

Life is perceived in different ways by different people. To the ‘street’ hustlers, it’s really difficult. To the student, it’s pretty stressful. To the rich and those in authority, it’s fun-filled and enjoyable.  In one of Khalid’s songs, ‘Hundred’, he said “life is never easy.” Despite being a celebrated artist, he admitted that life ain’t easy.

So to you, what is life?

If I could, I would literally go back to being a child. Of course, it feels so good to be unbothered by anything. But here I am, thinking of what next to cook, the best decision to take, the right dress to wear, the right business to start up, and the list goes on. Come to think of it, how were our parents able to figure out all these? It really amazes me, how they did. Anyways, life is in stages. Life as a toddler, life as a teenager, life as an adult, and life as parents, each has packages it comes with.

Since it’s impossible to remain a child forever, what happens? One has to grow. Not the physical growth, but mental, intellectual, and emotional kinds of growth. This growth involves, learning to take certain responsibilities, self-development, etc.  Since the rate of growth differs from person to person, some would end up either growing faster or slower than others.

As one approaches adulthood, how one tackles the expected issues associated with becoming an adult is highly important. Every man must be forged through fire, to be refined. That is to say, definitely, you must face challenges, be it emotional, financial, health, mental, etc.  But how well do you tackle them? As adults, sometimes we need to take certain life decisions for our own betterment no matter what. Involving God in such decisions, helps us make the right ones. So, always put God first.

Sometimes, the success of others might lead to an inferiority complex, a case where you start feeling you aren’t good enough, as you see others succeeding past you. But whenever these thoughts set in, remember that Ecclesiastes made us know that there is time for everything. So do not feel pressured for any reason. When your time comes, you will surely shine.

In addition, learn to celebrate your small wins. Always appreciate your effort. Of course, nobody can do it better than you.

There is more to being an adult than paying just bills. Sometimes, it isn’t about the bills. We may not know we are someone’s role model. Yes, people could be looking up to you. So though we might not be perfect, we should strive toward perfection.

Don’t let words or humans make you feel you aren’t doing enough. Hey, work at your pace, but know that God is not slow. His plans for you will surely come to pass. So keep believing, keep praying and keep working on yourself. Do not give the devil room to steal your joy.

Feel free to share your thoughts and views in the comment section. What do you feel, I should talk about next? Love you all.

Written by Pamela Onyekwelu


  1. Dazzle

    When I was little, I hated that when I wanted to things that seemed like fun, I was always told,”When you’re older” .It drove me so crazy but now I long for my naivety ???

  2. Enkayyanna

    Didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy childhood,and now becoming an adult I still face challenges. By my experience I’d say life isn’t easy even as a child,cos some children started life as an adult

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