Attitude and Mindset

Attitude and Mindset

Attitude and Mindset

I love sports a lot. Not just because of how entertaining it can be but also for what I learn from it.

From the team play, to the winning mindset, the attitude of champions and the patience (I think this one has to do more with the fact that I’m an Arsenal fan. Omo we get patience ooo)

So each time I watch a football match, there’s a lot I learn that helps my mindset and I want to share them you today.

After the match, I will always wait for the interview session (Post match reactions) with the players and coaches. Most great players and coaches I know always have this positive mindset and great attitude towards the game.

After a win, you will get to hear stuffs like

“The team performance was great today and it paid off”

“Yes it was a narrow win for us; we still have improvements to make especially in our attack”

And if it was a loss, you will hear comments like

“Great display by the team but we weren’t the better side. We will put this game behind us and focus on our next game, so that we can avoid the mistakes we made in today’s game. Hopefully we we’ll win our next match”

Now let’s look at these comments critically.

In the first comment, you’ll agree with me that hard work and focus are great tools if you want to achieve great and desired results in whatever you’re doing.

In the second comment, on our path to success, it’s important that we discover our lapses. This will help us work on what’s important in order to achieve the desired result.

And in the third, there will always be days when you’re not at your best but you know what? You can always avoid being in that position next time.

If you have been winning, never lose momentum, don’t relax and don’t feel the work is done.

And if you’re not winning currently, find out what’s going wrong, fix it and go again.

In all you do, make sure you show great attitude and positive mindset at all times.

Written by Chisom MacManus Okoye


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