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And as identified we identify as and in the identity, we were given. We’ve heard the music of “how to and not to be” that society has made a genre of “I am” according to who in black or white because man is man according to shades of black that fade into a pale color.

A name and many others were given to us, popularly known as the “last generation“-“broken and distributed” is how they speak of us. Them, they, all those who in the glory of identity experience peer pressure from the dead and all its culture.

So let there be and there was before us was a time, a people now, of which we are a result of their childhood trauma and misunderstood definitions of being. We, us, I a product of half love and teenage fantasies playing “sexual healing” with no sexual protection or reasoning of “if I am with child?“.

And hence, you, them, us, I – child, with nothing but stresses and wonder of what love is, that which is understood to be as; and according to a group of individuals who have a shallow experience of what love is-describe and live to define love to only an understanding of like-minded individuals…

Ask now and again in the afterlife-what is society? I come to define it as the voice-sounding opinions from up close experiences and views with no consideration of others – I call it Them. They, them, us, we tell each other that tradition this and that, the Reed dance – breasts and things hang and walk freely bare and brown and white sometimes. Then you, them, they will harass and criticize what is called fashion in a body draped in a bare back, three fingers above the knee short dress.

They, you will call me a nudist, but according to culture what am I if I embrace myself in the same skin, fashion is culture, and so and music, dance, and dining.

this .is. she


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