Tatiana Entertainment Arrives Nigeria

Tatiana Entertainment Arrives Nigeria

Tatiana Entertainment Arrives Nigeria

WE have got much joy as more music recording companies have begin surfacing in the Southeast region of Nigeria. For a long while the music scene had been one-sided but seems the scales are finally moving.

The Southeast is waking up and new labels have been emerging at a steady pace. The latest is an Enugu-based music recording brand, Tatiana Entertainment.

With her aim of raising up young talents, Tatiana Entertainment will be launching on the 13th day of this rainy month of August, in the year 2021. The label has already signed two talented artists – Sparkle T and Keezyto.

Tatiana Entertainment Arrives Nigeria
                                    SPARKLE T
Tatiana Entertainment Arrives Nigeria

The artiates are into the sweet Nigerian genres with massive vibes – Afro-pop and Highlife.

The goal of this new music label located at 10 O’Connor street, East Hills Plaza, Asata Enugu, is to bring up the talent and develop the entertainment sector in Enugu.

Also, guess what?

Tatiana Entertainment just conscripted a newest team member; their brand manager, the Entertainment Enthusiast and entrepreneur, Charles Bakerr.

Rumour has it that a new single will be dropping soon from the about-to-be-launched music recording brand. If it’s by Sparkle T or by Keezyto or perhaps a collaboration by the two, we do not know. What we know is from their previous singles we really got something good to look up to.


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