Passy and Jeriq Spotted Hanging Out

Passy and Jeriq Spotted Hanging Out

On March the 1st 2022, Offor Paschal Chineme also known as Passy who is the CEO, founder, and owner of the popular crypto exchange company, Passyxchange, and famous rapper Jeriqthehussla were spotted together by their fans who recognized them immediately in a hotel in Enugu. They were headed for enclosed confinement when they were seen.

Passy and Jeriq Spotted Hanging Out

The fans proposed to pay their bills till whenever they wanted to leave the hotel but they declined and told said,

we’re not here for long, we’re just here for a proposal and a business meeting”.

The fans asked them for pictures which they accepted wholeheartedly and they immediately entered for their meeting and disappeared afterward.

What might be cooking between these two young gurus of their fields? Stay tuned as WE bring you more update.

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