New Nigerian Record Label 'Zodiac Music Group' Launches Soon

New Nigerian Record Label ‘Zodiac Music Group’ Launches Soon

Music has been one of the most formidable forces keeping the human race a bit sane. No jokes! Imagine a world without music. What would it be like?

Well, as music progresses in this world humans have got to progress alongside and create new avenues to enable music progress more. It’s a cycle. Rub my back I rub your back, that’s our relationship with music. It’s like a plant you don’t water, it isn’t growing. Enough said.

A new wave is coming. A new record label that will rock the pillars of music on the shores of Africa and beyond, and put Eastern music on the map.

WE spotted it and WE observed and voila!

With collaborations with several brands, this new wave is called Zodiac Music Group, and you get to hear this from us first – Zodiac Music Group or ZMG, is a Nigerian-based record label that will be launching on Sunday, July the 11th 2021.

Our in-house source tells us that there will be signing of a new artiste also on that day. And when WE asked for the founder(s),

We ll like to keep that anonymous for now

New Nigerian Record Label 'Zodiac Music Group' Launches Soon

Sweet right?


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