Gpenzy To Release New Single 'Pamper You' 

Gpenzy Set To Release New Single ‘Pamper You’

For a while now WE have been following the BlaccTheddi brand and their series of in-house information, and just today they brought the fliest, newest info – Gpenzy is set to release a new single titled ‘Pamper You‘.

The AVO artist and upcoming Sugar Daddy of Lagos has been on a roll of recent. His series of music projects have been of the chain both in sound and feedback. There is Radiowaves the EP, then the Korret Experience also, boy! WE can proudly say Gpenzy is in it to win it.

Enjoy the Korret video below;

Lovely video,don’t you think?

Anyways, the Abia state talented singer and songwriter, according to BlaccTheddi, would be releasing a brand-new music masterpiece ‘Pamper You‘ on August the 6th.

Gpenzy To Release New Single 'Pamper You' 

WE are patiently waiting, what about you?


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