Don Carta Addresses the Viral Video of Davido’s Handshake Snub

Don Carta Addresses the Viral Video of Davido's Handshake Snub

Don Carta Reacts to Viral Video of Davido’s Handshake Snub at Timeless Concert

Nigerian singer, Don Carta, has finally broken his silence regarding the widely circulated video capturing Afrobeat sensation Davido’s handshake snub. In an exclusive interview with Tawnkraya TV‘s S.O.G. on TÊTE-À-TÊTE, Don Carta shared insights into the success of the Timeless Concert in Asaba, Delta State, expressing gratitude to everyone who attended the event.

Don Carta’s Response

Addressing the incident with Davido, Don Carta dismissed it as trivial, suggesting that people with too much free time noticed it. He emphasized that he did not read into the handshake snub, highlighting that it was their first meeting since planning the concert. Don Carta acknowledged Davido as a prominent artist, underscoring that not just anyone can casually approach such a figure for a handshake.

Narrating the Situation

Providing context to the encounter, Don Carta clarified that regardless of whether Davido saw him or not, he did not view the incident as significant, mainly because Davido doesn’t know him personally. Shedding light on the financial commitment to secure Davido’s performance, Don Carta revealed an expenditure of over N200 million for the concert, making the handshake snub a negligible concern in comparison.


Don Carta’s candid response offers a different perspective on the viral handshake snub incident. The singer emphasizes the success of the Timeless Concert and underscores the substantial investment made, redirecting the focus from a seemingly trivial encounter to the larger picture of organizing a significant musical event.

Watch the full interview below for Don Carta’s complete perspective on the matter:


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