BKAY! Set To Drop New Single ‘Information’

BKAY Set To Drop New Single 'Information'

BKAY! Set To Drop New Single ‘Information’

BKAY! Set To Drop New Single ‘Information’: Nigerian musician, BKAY!, has announced via his social media platforms that he is set to drop his first single of the year 2021, an Afrohouse and Amapiano-fused track titled “Information.”

The single was produced by Hunkie AKA SoundGod.

In a sit-down with #weeobserve, the versatile musician from the East had quite a few to say about this soon-to-flood-out vibious new track,

“We worked on the song for a couple weeks cause a lot happened in our (my producer and I) lives during the time i recorded the song. My producer had just lost his mum. I was moving to a new state entirely, a place I haven’t been before in my life to chase my dreams, leaving my family behind. We both had to go through Life-altering transitions almost at the same time. So we just had to be there for each other until we both settled and found our way back to normal. As soon as that happened, we resumed work, the song was initially recorded on a YouTube-downloaded beat so my producer had to create a new beat around my vocals. I have to give credit to my producer, Hunkie cause he works fast, I sent it to him today, he sent it back the next day. Made some little corrections here and there, mostly instrumention wise to just perfect the record and make it whole.”


“The inspiration behind the song is basically Identity. It’s me telling people that I’m well aware about how they underlook (unintentionally or intentionally) me or my talent because maybe I’m not loud or maybe because I’m chill. I observe everything but I just choose not to speak.”

When asked if there’d be any features?

“No features for now. I’m trying to push a new space I’ve been creating with my producer, Hunkie. We’ve been recording back to back, sending data back and forth, perfecting our sound.”

Not too long ago BKAY! released his mind-blowing album NO FX SESSIONS, which has been making numbers on streaming platforms. When asked if this new single was a hint to another body of work he said,

“This is just a single, my first official single of the year 2021.

A lot of music dropping so this is just one of many. The vault is stocked, hahahaha…”

So, get ready folks!

This jam is sure going to be banging. If you haven’t heard BKAY!‘s vibe before then you gotta start now. He is Fire!!!?

Check the cover art below;

BKAY Set To Drop New Single 'Information'

BKAY! has always had a thing for old retro pictures, as you can see in the artwork above and the one just below (a screenshot of his previous single PAMI;

BKAY Set To Drop New Single 'Information'

He was asked the story behind the cover art for Information, read his answer below;

BKAY Set To Drop New Single 'Information'


Deep words!!

WE think we love old retro pictures too ?


  1. Jeezy

    We can’t wait
    If this new song have that pami feelings, then we are in for a big big heat

  2. Rolls

    ?? helloooo we love you

  3. Nuel

    Deadass, BKAY! has been dropping fire? on every song he on, tbh. I’ve loved his songs from day 1 up till this very moment.
    Honestly anticipating INFORMATION.
    Tho unique, bro gives off this British Nasty C vibe ?. Love you bro, can’t wait to see you up there, rolling with the big leagues ????

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