The Huli Tribe Of Africa


The Huli Tribe Of Africa

The Huli Tribe Of Africa

One of the amazing tribes you will know about in Africa. The Huli tribe is an indigenous people who live in Tari Highlands in the Hela Province of Papua New Guinea.

The Huli people are also known as Huli Wigmen speak primarily Huli and Tok Pisin; many also speak some of the surrounding languages, and some also speak English. They are one of the largest cultural groups in Papua New Guinea.

The Huli Tribe Of Africa

In Huli culture, Yellow clay or ambua is considered sacred and is commonly used as body decoration. The Huli people are also well known to be hunters and farmers.

Naturally, the Huli people live a life of war-mongering and vengeance. Huli leaders are determined by their war-mongering and dispute-solving abilities, as well as by their wealth of pigs and shells.

This tribe’s incredible hats are actually made from their own hair, with men in this isolated ‘harvesting’ their mane for their own use or to sell to others. They combine these with yellow face paint, a clawed ax, an apron of leaves, and a belt of dangling pigtails to intimidate rival tribes. Traditionally, they perform a classic bird dance, mimicking the birds of paradise found on the island.

The Huli tribe has a unique process for preparing men for adulthood. Boys live with their mothers until they are seven or eight years old, before going out to live with their fathers when they go to live with their fathers to learn how to become men. At 14 or 15 years of age, when they proceed with the ritual process of becoming a man, they are forbidden from contact with any women, including their mothers. It’s believed that a combination of magic and a special diet helps the young male transition into a man and help his hair grow extra quickly.

What a lovely tribe.

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