Sex with the Serpent

Sex with the Serpent

Sex with the Serpent

“Woke up this morning and decided to go for mass, though I was already late”


So I decided to just brush my teeth, wash my face and my private part, putting my hands down there gave me a sensational feeling and I badly wanted to have an orgasm but then I remembered that I had to be in church as soon as possible.


I got to church when the priest was almost finishing the gospel reading, I quickly entered the church and settled on an empty pew at the back.


Priest: “This is the gospel of the Lord”
Congregation: “Praise be to you, Lord Jesus Christ”


When everyone was settled in their seats, the priest started the homily, which was about “how the serpent tricked Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit“. Listening to the homily, I remembered hearing a pastor say that the “forbidden fruit” in the context means “sex” meaning the serpent had sex with Eve.


I began to imagine what it would be like to have sex with a serpent, using its tongue to lick my nipple, then use the teeth to bite it in a painful but pleasurable way, the feeling was heavenly arrrrgh, my coochie was already dripping. I also imagined the tail of the serpent as the dick entering into my slippery and wet vagina, thrusting deeper and deeper… shhhhhhhh. I was already on cloud nine by this time, moaning out loud and gasping for breath, with the last breath in me I released everything in me and then passed out.


I woke up to be surrounded by a group of people, prayer warriors I guess, who were thanking God that the demonic spirit which took over my body has been cast away but they did not know I actually enjoyed the imaginative sex with the serpent.


Written by DimDim


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