I Don’t Joke With My Saturdays

I Don't Joke With My Saturdays

I Don’t Joke With My Saturdays

Saturday, My Hair Day

I don’t know about you but Saturday is my favorite day of the week, why? As a member of the natural hair gang, I dedicate Saturdays to pampering my hair with lots of love, I mean like an exclusive treatment and date for my hair.

The last time I was here I dropped hints on Hair Thinning and how to tackle it. Well, today is just a series of instructions on how to love your hair.

In order to take great care of your hair, you have to follow up and be consistent with your hair care regime and choose the right products to use for your hair.

I start with detangling my hair with my hands and water, divide it into sections head to the bathroom washing it with my moisturizing shampoo “Afrophoenix Black Soap Shampoo“.
Once done, I towel dry, get my mixture of Olive oil and egg and slather it over my wet/damp hair (I section my hair into six parts and I do the slathering in the bathroom because it could get all messy). I reach for my shower cap or nylons and cover my hair with it for not more than 30 minutes (it never exceeds 30 minutes) to fully achieve the goal of moisturizing, growing my hair, and repairing any damage on my hair.
Once the 30 minutes is over, I welcome the downpour of the water in the shower to rinse my hair off the smell of egg to a well-washed hair. I use cold water to rinse off, you don’t wanna use hot water unless you’re thinking of cooking egg(s) on your hair.
Next, comes my Afrophoenix Hair butter and Oil which I apply on my not-so-wet hair to seal in the moisture and finally I style my hair, And I’m done with my hair care treatment of the week.
Taking care of your hair shouldn’t be a big deal.  Most people exaggerate that its work besides what hair type doesn’t work when it comes to taking great care of your hair.
In my next article, I’ll guide you on how to build or start your own hair care regime. Don’t Forget Afrophoenix Organics is here for your hair.
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