Let's Visit Vine Crest International Schools, Awka

Let’s Visit Vine Crest International Schools, Awka

  • Vine Crest International Schools, Awka

The word “Vine Crest” refers to a progressive rise in knowledge that leads to the greatest level of understanding and offers solutions to human needs, good wants, and aspirations, from the most basic to the loftiest.

Vine Crest International Schools, Awka, opened its doors to students in September 2016 with the following educational divisions: creche, nursery school, primary school, and high school.

Let's Visit Vine Crest International Schools, Awka

The school is a 21st-century institution with cutting-edge facilities for every aspect of the institution, as evidenced by the well-stocked Information and Communication Technology Laboratory, the continuously updated Science Laboratory, the sophisticated School Library, the highly functional Home Economics Center, the ultra-modern interactive, well-ventilated and properly lit Classrooms, and the highly qualified teachers, among other amenities.

It is situated in Plot 105 Ngozika Estate, Phase II (Rockland Estate). Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the school’s location is a refuge of tranquility and calm. It is a setting that is favorable for growth and learning.

Both day and boarding facilities are available for the High School at Vine Crest International Schools, Awka. The hostel, a cozy home away from home, is where boarders go after each day’s classes. The boarding house of Vine Crest International Schools is a pleasure to experience thanks to its thoughtfully planned and prepared meals, tastefully furnished rooms with nice beds for every boarder (no bunks and the associated risks of a student falling), spacious wardrobes for all, continuous power supply, and steady availability of clean water, among other things.

Since its founding, the citadel of learning has created and will continue to generate top performers in a variety of disciplines, including math, the arts, sciences, information transmission, coding and robotics, graphic design, the English and French languages, and many more. Notable are the school’s most recent victories in the recently finished African Mathematics Olympiad Competition. Approximately 98.7% of the students at Vine Crest International Schools, Awka, received honors.

Let's Visit Vine Crest International Schools, Awka

Being a leader in the private education sector, Vine Crest International Schools, Awka, draws its motivation from the desire for a better society that is capable of raising the socioeconomic status of its citizens through a sincere effort from sincere minds, with the understanding that effort does not harm because we strive for excellence.

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