Let There Be Sex!

Let There Be Sex!

Let There Be Sex!

There are approximately 7 billion+ humans on planet Earth today. Kudos to us. Population explosion of this kind reminds us of one indisputable fact: Humans are having sex more than ever before. Actually, we cannot help but have do it. We will. We must. We shall have sex. Because sex is that damn good! (excuse my language).

Atheists and skeptics say that the Judeo-Christian God is Evil, Mean-spirited and a Celestial Sadist. Sex being the crescendo of physical pleasure proves them wrong. No mean-spirited and wicked Deity would have created this kind of pleasure for lesser mortals to savour. No Sadist could have thought up the idea of sexual pleasure for others. A depressed and melancholic Mind could not take pleasure in creating pleasure for others apart from himself.

Only a good, nice and very kind Mind or Entity could have created sex. Is it the health and physical benefits or psychological benefits? There are many.

Sex is antidepressant. Sex is de-toxicating. It is therapeutic. It helps to keep physically fit; you lose fat. Sex lightens up moods. It enhances sleep and gives much needed rest. It relieves stress. It promotes happiness. And yes, it prevents human extinction. Guys, only a good person would wish all these for others. Darwinian Evolution (being a blind direction-less natural machinery) couldn’t have foreseen and wished these for men.

So, when people moan, groan, roll under the sheets and experience orgasm in the act of sex, it is because God desires it for them. God wills it to be so. Christians in particular and Humanity in general ought to wake up daily and thank God for the free gift of sex and orgasm. We should be eternally grateful that we have a Creator who delights in the pleasure of His Creation.

Sex doesn’t have to be orgasmic. God could have made it in such a way that men would have erection without ejaculation. Ditto for women.

In fact, God in His infinite power didn’t have to create sex for procreation. If He wanted He could have simply made us asexual. That is, when it’s time to procreate or have offsprings, you’d just yawn and keep yawning or stretch and keep stretching for minimum of say 2 hours, and then GBAM!… THERE IS A CELL DIVISION & A NEW BORN COMES OUT FROM YOU! Or, you sleep and by the time you wake up you have 2 or 3 baby versions of you from your body.

He is God. He could make that happen. But no, He created coitus BECAUSE HE WANTS MAN AND WOMAN TO EXPERIENCE MULTIPLE ORGASMS.

Unlike Immanuel Kant (British Christian Philosopher), God doesn’t view sex as the “disease of the soul”. God is not a Hedonist either. Sex is God telling humans, ‘I want you to procreate and have fun doing so. I could have made it otherwise but I really want you to have fun’. However, as I already stated, procreation is not the main reason for creating sex. Pleasure is. God delights in your moaning and groaning. I know. Religious minds cannot handle this sacred truth.

Most Christians today are not godly because they despise sex as something unholy. They view sex as some sort of a ‘dirty’ and ‘disgusting’ exercise. This is a slap on God. Marriage is holy. Sex is holier. Because without sex marriage is null and void. Sex is godly. It is sex outside of marriage that is a sin. But sex in and of itself is godly, holy and to be enjoyed.

So, God is good. He seeks our good. Intercourse proves this. Now, rise up this Sunday morning and praise God for His kindness, thoughtfulness, foresight and wisdom in creating sexual pleasure. This way, He gives us a foretaste of heaven on earth in our decaying bodies. Heaven is therefore nothing but endless cycles of orgasms not in the physical sense, but in the spiritual sense. Indeed, God is not boring.

Whoever could create sex cannot be a bore.

Thank God for sex.


Written by Olakunle Allison


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