ImpacTech Academy: Empowering 5000 Anambra Youths with Digital Skills

ImpacTech Academy: Empowering 5000 Anambra Youths with Digital Skills

ImpacTech Academy, a non-governmental organization (NGO), has initiated a specialized training and empowerment program targeting approximately 5000 youths from Anambra State. This endeavor, designed to equip young individuals across the state’s three senatorial zones and twenty-one Local Government Areas with digital skills, was announced by the Managing Director/CEO of the organization, Amb. Bright Alexander Nwakamma, during a press briefing held in Awka on Thursday, February 22, 2024.

The MD/CEO emphasized the organization’s primary objective of empowering and enhancing the capabilities of the state’s youth population through comprehensive digital skills training, aiming to eradicate idleness and foster economic independence. He highlighted that the training, currently underway in its initial phase, is provided free of charge, thanks to global sponsors supporting the initiative. One of such sponsors being Mr Daniel Elombah.

The training program, structured to span three months per cohort, offers a thorough curriculum covering various digital skill sets ranging from basic to advanced levels. Participants will receive instruction in areas such as website design, UI/UX design, project management, video editing, and data analytics, among others.

ImpacTech Academy is committed to empowering 5000 Anambra youths through the Anambra Digital Program, focused on digital skills,” stated Nwakamma. “We anticipate that this program will not only enhance participants’ capabilities but also render them more attractive to potential employers.”

Furthermore, upon completion of the training, Amb. Nwakamma emphasized that attendees will attain internationally recognized certifications from Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS), facilitating their integration into various organizations for employment opportunities. He affirmed the endorsement of the program by the State Government, as well as the support received from the Ministry of Education and Anambra State ICT Agency, citing its global recognition and acceptance.

The training initiative targets youths aged 16 to 30 years, emphasizing the importance of commitment and physical attendance. Amb. Nwakamma encouraged interested individuals to register either in person or via the organization’s website,, while also appealing to philanthropic individuals and corporate entities to support the program, thereby contributing to the economic empowerment of Anambra youths through the provision of digital skills.


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