How To Make Your First Million In A Year Through Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Your First Million In A Year Through Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Your First Million In A Year Through Affiliate Marketing

Young and digitally skilled Nigerian Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer, and co-founder of Afritrybe, Mr. Chisom Macmanus Okoye has dished out some workable tips on making a million in a year for beginners.

Mr. Okoye in his words in one of the amazing updates on his Facebook timeline revealed useful and feasible strategies one can apply so as to make one’s first one million in a space of one year.

Kindly read through the piece below and do make sure you take home some useful information and apply them in your own life endeavors.

First, the only way to make money is by selling something people want to buy (very key); it can either be a product or service. But it must be something so valuable that will give them the desired result.


Decide on what to sell: A PRODUCT OR SERVICE (remember it should be valuable and something people want to buy). It could be on weight loss, wealth creation, or relationships.

Don’t give an excuse for not being able to create one, know that if you can’t create one, you can also become an affiliate for an existing product or service (WE love the affiliate part).


The next is the price. If you are the product creator, you can put the price but if you’re an affiliate, you can choose a product that can give you a better commission. I hope you are now learning something at this point? Now check out the illustrations below;

Prices could range from ₦1,000 to ₦50,000

Now let me help you breakdown your ₦1m/year blueprint – 

  • Sell at ₦1,000 to 1000 persons
  • Sell at ₦2,000 to 500 persons
  • Sell at ₦5,000 to 200 persons
  • Sell at ₦10,000 to 100 persons
  • Sell at ₦20,000 to 50 persons
  • Sell at ₦50,000 to 20 persons

And you can even sell at ₦1,000,000 to one person (a high ticket product like real estate can give you that much).

The higher the price, the lesser the number of persons to sell to. Still remember that a year has 365 days. If you want to make money, you must sell something, and always bear in mind that it has to be something with value.

Even G-boys sell fake love and a fake identity to steal from people (a path you shouldn’t think of) ❌❌⚠️⚠️

Just make a choice to sell something valuable today. Either as an Affiliate or product owner.

Check around these niches (Health, Relationship, and Wealth Creation) you must find something to sell. Either as a creator or an Affiliate.

N.B: Affiliate Marketing is a business model where you sell other people’s products or services for a commission. For instance: A realtor selling a property for a commission is a good example of affiliate marketing.

Although in this piece, Mr. Chisom laid emphasis more on affiliate marketing which is his main focus and area of specialty, following his tips and properly applying them in your own field will yield huge success.

No doubt, Mr. Chisom Macmanus Okoye should be one of the young African Legends, Entrepreneurs, and Affiliate Marketing Expert to look out for in the few years to come, feel free to visit his Official Facebook Page to learn more about him and how to reach out to him.

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