Heart Beats

Heart Beats

Heart Beats

We all interact with music on a daily basis, and I don’t simply mean the sounds we hear through earbuds and speaker systems. The music you listen to affects how quickly your heart beats.

Know this also, music works with the brain. In fact, it is one of the rare activities that utilizes the entire brain. Dancing is fundamental to many cultures and offers many advantages, including those for physical development and coordination, language learning, memory enhancement, and attentional focus. It eases tension and uplifts the spirit.

Not all musical genres have a relaxing and positive impact. It might be unsettling and possibly compete with us for the work we are doing if the music is too loud and harsh. Exposure to classical music provides the majority of the advantages. Both the body and the brain are calmed by it.

Heart Beats

I feel a loud song has a range of pitches. Usually, it becomes noisier and louder. In a study, researchers from Pavia University in Italy found that listening to music with a faster tempo caused people to breathe more quickly, which raised their heart rates and blood pressure. Slow and quiet music, on the other hand, had the opposite effect. Blood pressure and heart rate were reduced. Due to numerous similar studies, music is currently used to treat blood pressure patients as a form of rehabilitation. Slow and calm music is played in cardiovascular units to help patients relax and drop their heart rate and blood pressure.

heart beats

In addition, loud music makes people aggressive. Picture yourself going through a difficult moment and, in an effort to relax, listening to loud, unpleasant music without realizing the negative repercussions. It would upset you and make you feel aggressive rather than calm you down, which is the exact opposite of what would happen. If you do the same while listening to slow, relaxing music, you’ll probably feel calm and renewed.

If we only knew what genre of music should be played in certain settings, music could undoubtedly be good for us. Because music benefits our body and soul, it is not only a source of entertainment.

So, think of how your heart beats before you press play.

Written by Khocee Wilson-Ejikeme


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