Women In Tuxedos

Women In Tuxedos

Word on the street is that women are taking over the Tuxedo Style Trend. Well, that’s the power of a woman… Lol! The same lady you admired in her dinner dress yesterday would captivate the whole room today, dressed in that same suit you are wearing.

A tuxedo is a semi-formal dress for men. It could be a dinner jacket or the complete suit, which consists of the jacket, trousers, shirt, and in some cases the waistcoat. Men usually wear these suits for formal events like dinner parties, weddings, and stuff, while the ladies are expected to turn up in their pretty dresses. Not anymore.

Women In Tuxedos

A few years back, images of ladies looking really good in tuxedos starting popping up on the internet. Some wore theirs to dinner parties and business occasions, some were grooms ladies (yeah, what happened to all the men), and some were seen at the red carpet of really big events.

Women In Tuxedos




British designer, Paul Smith took this up a notch and launched his tuxedo collection just for women in December 2018. The line did so well that they have since then, added few updates for each season and they are still producing new designs to date.





In an interview with Bazaar, the designer described his work saying,

The women’s tux has always had this appealing sexiness to it and I’ve always liked that androgynous look. Maybe you think it’s a bit weird for me to call it a frame around a picture, but the picture is you girls, the frame is the streamlined elegant look of a tuxedo.

Women In Tuxedos



Her Tuxedo is another worthy mention as they are in the business of making classy and colorful suits for ladies in different styles and patterns.




In my opinion, you don’t even have to stress this trend. Imagine looking good and sexy without having to expose your skin. Just add the right accessories and you are good to go.

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