Trend Alert: Eyewear Chain

Trend Alert: Eyewear Chain

Eyewear Chain, believe it or not, this is actually a fashion trend. I came across the Eyeglass Chain while looking for a strap for my work glasses. I didn’t want to go for the boring nerdy look, wanted to look fashionable even with my glasses and that was when I bumped into this.

Not many people know about this trend even though it has been around for ages. Research shows that it has been in and out of trend over the years, dating way back to the 80s.


Trend Alert: Eyewear Chain Trend Alert: Eyewear Chain

It was said that ages ago, well cultured Victorian ladies would wear a long chain draped across their chest, attached to their glasses (or lorgnettes) to keep them away from their face but at this same time, ensure that they’re reachable when needed.

The Eyewear chain came back in 2013 after Frame Chain launched its debut collection sometime in 2013. The trend has since then, popped up here and there in the past years.

The good thing about these chains is that they can be attached to any type of glasses, from sunglasses to prescription glasses. It can be any form of jewelry, be it beads or gold chains.

Trend Alert: Eyewear Chain Trend Alert: Eyewear Chain

The trend evolved more during the pandemic last year when everyone was forced to go around in Face Masks. People started attaching beads and chains to their face masks, to look more fashionable and also prevent the masks from falling off.

What do you think of this new trend, will you try it out?

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